Can I get off at the stop light? ok...maybe not.


Jan 28 2009, 20h30

Another year has passed. It seems like yesterday though, and I have tried very hard to forget. The pain is gone now, I couldn't sleep for a while, had to take some drugs. Hey, nothing illicit man, prescription get me off and get me going again. Doctors orders.

We parted, amicably. I got to say though, that it was the best time of my life, and then it was the worst time of my life. Now its back to the misery, but that is a harsh word. Simple is better, but I would take fabulous any day. It was so damn good. Pity it had to end.

Hey, I might be leaving my current gig, wanna try something new, they say change is good, could be good for me too. In a lot of ways I'm still the same old person, but in a lot of ways I've changed. The world is changing too, I might as well do the same. But I'm slightly insecure, I've lost a bit of the old swagger, got a bit too much on my shoulders. Its heavy.

We made up, in a way. Theres still a few nightmares along the way, but I suppose we will just have to get through them. There is very little in the way of choice. I still cant believe that a year has passed. And theres no getting off this one, because theres not gonna be a next one. After you? There is none.

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