Darren Criss Concert Review - 8/13/2011


Ago 14 2011, 16h48

Sat 13 Aug – Northalsted Market Days

I went to see Darren Criss perform at the Northalsted Market Days today. I’ve been a pretty big fan of A Very Potter Musical and Sequel since I was introduced to it about a year ago, and I’ve also been listening to The Warblers CD from Glee Cast since Darren Criss is on it (although I don’t really watch the show). As a free show besides the suggested donation to enter the fair, it was definitely worth it to go!

My friend and I got there at around 4:10pm, and a bunch of people were taking pictures of people dancing to Darren Criss songs (Glee, A Very Potter Musical, etc.). I’m not really sure what it was because it was just finishing as we got there, although I did manage to catch a glimpse of Darren Criss as he was walking backstage. Anyway we had to spend the next hour and fifteen minutes waiting for Darren to come on…apparently they were running very behind schedule due to the rainy weather. A woman named Maxine Nightingale performed (apparently she was popular in the 1970s), but I wasn’t into her music at all. After that it was just a lot of waiting and poking people with umbrellas when it rained…I did like some of the songs they played while we were waiting though.

Anyway, Darren Criss finally came on at around 5:30pm. This is most of the setlist for the part of the concert I went to:
song from Singing In The Rain
Misery / This Love
Song from The Little Mermaid
A couple other upbeat songs with the full band
Not Alone

Overall, it was just really cool to see Darren Criss in person and take pictures, after I’ve seen a lot of him on AVPM and Glee. I liked hearing Animal, and Not Alone is a very uplifting song. His full band songs also sound like something I could listen to on a regular basis.

Unfortunately I had to leave after “Not Alone” was performed; does anyone know what he played after that and whether he played any A Very Potter Musical songs?

Note of thanks to two people: a person in my lab for telling me that Darren Criss was performing this weekend, and my friend for going with me even though she’s not even a Harry Potter fan!


  • CoolLikePlastic

    Yes. After Not Alone he played The Coolest Girl, Teenage Dream, One Fine Day, Granger Danger (feat. Lauren Lopez), That's All, and Stutter.

    Ago 14 2011, 23h35
  • kalsonberry

    Darn, I would have liked to hear Granger Danger! Did Darren sing Ron's part?

    Ago 15 2011, 4h38
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