Good Stuff and Enjoyable Things 2010

Here's a little playlist that goes with my best of 2010 list (link posted soon). It's some top songs from top albums and experiences of the year. Enjoy.

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Too hottt '010... Oh yeah.

At the heart of me there is an electro loving fiend who loves to dance. How apparent is that in my selection of hot traxxx 2010? I could probably be the next Chris Sheppard, spinning a groovy dance...

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Best of 2009

2009 - a hell of a good year for music. I got so deep into noise but let's not forget Warp's 20th anniversary. Wowszer! Anyway, here are some tracks that I think make the cut for 2009's best of....

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Favourite Songs by Favourite Bands

Over my years of musical obsession I've noticed that I tend to have one very dear and precious song by each band I listen to. I usually listen to this one song obsessively, not because I have some...

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Best of 2008

Some tracks that have really stood out for me this year. Please check out my journal entry ( for more thoughts...

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