The New Classics @ Monday, November 5th, 2011


Dez 5 2011, 23h31

Tune in every Monday for your dose of the new hot jams. 2-4 PM on CJSW 90.9 FM and

Riot - "Still Your Man"
Throne Of Vengeance - "World War Everything"
Future of the Left - "Polymers Are Forever"

Trailer Trash Traceys - "Wish You Were Red"
Bad Passion - "Your Ride"
Escort - "Cocaine Blues"

Plastic Flowers - "Strange Neighbors"
Crystal Stilts - "Still As The Night"
Psychic Ills - "Mind Daze"

Skjolbrot - "Idle Fleet"
Pimmon - "Archangel in Reverse"
Burro - "No End To The Desert"

Yankee Yankee - "Rocks"
Matthew A. Wilkinson - "The Brittle Hands of Philomena"

Mike Tod & The Buffalo Lake Kid - "Cover Your Lamp, Babe"
Modern Field Recordings - "make a life"
The Lost Brigade - "Morning Birds"

Blist - "All-Star Caption"
Sola Rosa - "Del Ray"
Rimar - "Flower Dress"

The Duke Spirit - "Don't Wait"
The Envy Corps - "Cmd+Q"
The Jezabels - "City Girl"
Hanni El Khatib - "Dead Wrong"

Del Bel - "No Reservations"
Amity Beach - "Jake's Version of Paradise"

- Watching movies with experimental soundtracks is so crazy. I found the perfect new soundtrack for Star Wars (Episode IV)... It's a recording from one of the Discords held at Emmedia. It works so well though. I highly encourage trying to do this more often.

- I watched Melancholia (with the proper soundtrack albeit). It's hella Melancholy and the trailers were 3 for 3 awesome. New Cronenberg, A tribute to Pina Bausch and a movie based on a book by Lionel Shriver. Can you guess? A Dangerous Method, Pina, and We Need To Talk About Kevin. You got it.


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