The New Classics @ Monday, October 17th


Out 18 2011, 4h27

One week until my funding drive show on CJSW! I'm really excited to have some special packs from labels like Sub Pop, Arts & Crafts, Domino, Transistor 66 and more for lucky pledgers. You have to call in between 2 and 4 PM though or else they'll be gone. I'm going to have some other awesome exciting surprises in store too so stay tuned.

Ringo Deathstarr - "Summertime"
Grown-Ups - "Read It and Weep"
Amen Dunes - "Bedroom Drum"

The Cambodian Space Project - "Mean Visa Kmean Bai"
The Matadors - "Lahev kalorii"
Pujol - "Scully"

Joni Haastrup - "Greetings"
The Pack A.D. - "Haunt You"
Mercury Audio - "The Key To Unlock Her Heart"

Lucid 44 - "Empty Room"
Pieta Brown - "Blue Rider"
Shayfer James - "For the Departed"

Devon Williams - "Sufferer"
Extra Happy Ghost - "Fire On Fire"
Veronica Falls - "Bad Feeling"

Helado Negro - "Lechuguilla"
Soley - "Dance"
Big Harp - "Steady Hand Behind The Wheel"

S.C.U.M - "Whitechapel"
Zenith Myth - "Icycle Tryst"
Astrid Williamson - "Cherry"

Alvarius B. - "3 Dead Girls"
Jookabox - "The Eyes of the Fly"
The Gooeys - "Lay Down and Die"
the Prabes - "Battle Royale"

High Places - "Year Off"
Princess Chelsea - "Ice Reign"
Toro y Moi - "I Can Get Love"
The Field - "Is This Power"

What is halloween all about anyway? Perhaps I have some naive view of halloween being about fun, silliness and getting adrenalin rushes from the most absurd things like toilet paper mummies. However, it seems that instead of using this annual opportunity to be completely ridiculous and absurd most people who go out decide to be slutty _____ (insert plural noun), which isn't scary or silly or fun. It makes me wonder if I'm missing the point or if they are...


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