The New Classics @ Monday, January 24th, 2010


Jan 25 2011, 6h05

My Dad vs Yours - En Plein Soleil
Chikita Violenta - The Pause
White Fence - The Mexican Twins/Life is... Too $hort
Fairmont - On Your Bitter Heart

deadmau5 - A City in Florida
Innerpartysystem - American Trash
((Diverse)) & Seied - Fullmelt
Igor Boxx - Fear Of A Red Planet

Madison - Lights Low
When Saints Go Machine - Fail Forever
Fujiya & Miyagi - Yoyo

Friends Electric - The Sun The Moon The Future
Tapes 'n Tapes - Freak Out
Blank Dogs - languages

The Get Up Kids - Shatter Your Lungs
The Lindbergh Line - Scratching Plans
The Kid Can Drive - Herd

Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers - Heaven In Stereo
Wanda Jackson - Shakin' All Over
Gang of Four - I Party all the Time
Designing Me - Lullaby

Snowblink - Membrillo
Daniel Martin Moore - Closer Walk With Thee
Julia Stone - Maybe

Destroyer - Blue Eyes
Fergus & Geronimo - Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass
Ducktails - Sunset Liner

Bardo Pond - Don't Know About You
the Rurual Alberta Advantage - The Breakup
Ben + Vesper - Consubstantiation

This whole idea that everyone's astrological signs have been wrong for centuries based on a shift in the Earth's alignment got me to thinking about my own zodiac sign: libra. The meaning of it boils down to balance. Balance has always played a large roll in my life. I've always sought to find a way of life that finds equal amounts of quiet and social time, leading and following, logic and feeling. It's not always easy and hence I am not always completely at ease. How can you say I'm not a libra? It's all kind of silly. I think everyone should strive for balance, but I guess some people (like Leos) strive for good looks... I don't really care that much about astrology, as you can tell.

Astronomy, that's a different story. I find it disheartening when NASA loses funding but at the same time I also think about how imperfect our world is and wonder if all it needs is money... money from the space program. What is a better use of our means: The exploration of space or the curing of curable diseases worldwide and putting an end to poverty? Perhaps we could just stop building weapons of destruction and go into space more...


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