The New Classics @ Monday, July 19th, 2010


Jul 19 2010, 21h50

Calibro35 - Hired To Kill (Ritornano Quelli Di..., Nublu 2010)
Jyoti - the language of the flame (Ocotea, SomeOthaShip Records 2010)
Daniel Karsten Daniels & Fight the Big Bull - Die and Be Buried (I Mean To Live Here Still, Fatcat Records 2010)

It Kills - Sailors (It Kills, self-released 2010)
Lone Wolf - This Is War (The Devil And I, Bella Union 2010)
Elsinore - Gasoline (Yes Yes Yes, Parasol 2010)
Commerce - The Clouds In A Hurry (What Happens Now, self-released 2010)

Baths - Hall (Cerulean, anticon. 2010)
Admiral Byrd - On With The $how (Goodbye Cruel Worldview, Princess Records 2010)
School of Seven Bells - Heart Is Strange (Disconnect From Desire, Vagrant Records 2010)

Turzi - Bethlehem (B, Record Makers 2010)
Sebestien Tellier - L'Amour Et La Violence (Boyz Noize Remix) (Sexuality Remix, Record Makers 2010)
Acid Washed - Concorde in the Sunrise (Acid Washed, Record Makers 2010)

Colourbox - Breakdown (Bustin' Out 1982, Year Zero 2010)
Mike Patton - Urlo negro (Mondo cane, Ipecac 2010)
Invasives - Animal Skin (Desk Job At Castle Dracula, self-released 2010)
Front 242 - U-Men (Bustin' Out 1982, Year Zero 2010)

Frazey Ford - Firecracker (Obadiah, Nettwerk 2010)
Kathryn Calder - Arrow (Are You My Mother?, file under music 2010)
Honeybear - 400 Miles
Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People - Grapfruit League (The Sacred Prune Of Remembrance, self-released 2010)

The Peptides - For Those Who Hate The Voice In Their Head (For Those Who Hate Human Interaction, self-released 2010)
Zebrassieres - Digitize (Gooey Zoo, Going Gaga Records 2010)
RatTail - Gas Mask (RatTail, self-released 2010)
Young Galaxy - Destroyer (Young Galaxy, Paper Bag Records 2010)

Things I'm Digging Right Now:
I think Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti have released one of the greatest albums yet this year. It blows my mind. Every note is so perfect, full of fun and richness and yet it sounds like it was produced in the 60's.

Socrates. That's it. Although his legacy lives on by the hands of others (his students Plato and Xenophon) his wisdom has been unmatched in the millennia that have followed him. It really bemuses me that I soak in stories of Socrates hoping to glean something from the lessons and wisdoms that have survived long after his death yet I know that I am no where near where Socrates stood. Then, I'm like... that's exactly what Socrates meant when he said, "the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Humdinger.

Finally, summer air and sinister skies are awesome.


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