• I'm back!

    Nov 19 2011, 19h20

    At least on scrobbling ...

    Even if I cannot enjoy anymore the FULL experience I've restarted feeding my profile page and my LIFESTREAM section in my italian blog.

    Since iScrobbler seems dead, I'm using the official client. Do you have any hint for interesting scrobblers for Mac OS X platform ?
  • To Delete My Account on Or Not ?

    Mar 28 2009, 11h07

    I'm really, really worried about the latest annoucements on Last.FM becoming a paying only service for all of us out of USA, UK, Germany ...

    I LOVE, and my stats confirm this ... I could be also willing to pay my annual fee ... but what will I get back ???

    No iPhone application in Italy ... poor official support (english only) ... poor Concert and Event notify.

    Basically if I go "pro" with an account (as with Ipernity, Flickr, Picasa, DropBox, etc) I get MORE service than before ... now it seems I will pay to have the same feature's set as before ....

    I really don't know what to do....
  • Negramaro, La Finestra

    Jun 10 2007, 8h21

    Just a quick note in the occasion of my first purchase of a digital item on an on-line shop.

    Some months ago, for my birthaday my cousin gave me some money to spend on the iTunes Music Store. But given this I (still) found a bit strange to buy such an immaterial item, music, in an immaterial media, the bits. I do prefer the feeling of a 13cm plastic disc and the smell of a just printed booklet, with photos and lyrics of a song.

    But since the 8th of june the (southern) italian rock band from Salento called Negramaro released their second album I just said myself why not? and proceeded buying it. Also the reviews from the store are all confirming the good result of La Finestra, proclaiming it to be at least at the same, immensely good level of their first one Mentre Tutto Scorre listed to the disc consuption on my players!

    Right now I'm completing the first run of it and I can confirm the mantenaince of their quality. It you've loved the first album you'll probably like this second one too.

    Happy Listening!
  • Jack Johnson

    Abr 9 2006, 13h58

    In this last two weeks it has occurred to me to listed a particular radio program on an italian network. They are strongly promoting Skin, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson new works.

    So i get interested in his last work, the album "in between dreams", and discovered a new personal hit.

    I am going to know this artist better. It's music has the power to calm me down and make me enjoy what i am doing in any moment. Isn't this magic ?
  • Brand New Day

    Fev 24 2006, 19h23

    Brand New Day has always given to me mixed feelings. Lately I've discovered myself whisting it and adoring it's refrain.

    Also the Stevie Wonder cameo it's unespected and welcome.

    Stand Up !
  • italian music

    Fev 16 2006, 10h53

    I've found that there is very little of italian music over the network.

    I'm a bit disappointed about that, since there actually are a nice number of artist worth !

    Let's see what happens !