believe in politics.


Nov 7 2006, 4h43

So Tuesday there will be voting for governor, senators, & etc... & so I figure... hey.. why not tell whoever my favorite political songs. Now, I'm not really into political songs, but these... well.. these hit me hard.

Celebration Guns because of war


Cry Freedom because of war, power, rape, greed, racism, & etc...


Unspoken Words because of abortion


  • Ged_UK

    Almost the entire Midnight Oil back catalogue!

    Nov 7 2006, 8h07
  • Obfuscate

    Midnight Oil seconded. - I always enjoy listening to Utah Phillips when I feel like winding down and dropping out. Inspires me. Excellent storyteller.

    Nov 7 2006, 21h29
  • impronen

    Working Class Hero [quote]But you're still fucking peasents as far as I can see[/quote]

    Nov 7 2006, 22h01
  • lilly_runs

    the evens - all these governors...and some more of their songs.. neoangin/jim avignon - very simple english songs but with a lot of critique about everyday politics...

    Nov 10 2006, 19h02
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