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  • sunny-b-mo-fo

    Johnny Cash...Hurt its a beautiful song,but so depressing.

    Jun 4 2006, 23h19
  • KateinKowloon

    Hurt is a Nine Inch Nails song originally but Johnny Cash does a great interpretation of it. I like The Smiths and How Soon is Now for those moods I sometimes get into...

    Jun 14 2006, 14h54
  • sunny-b-mo-fo

    yeh some of the smiths stuff is great for 'down' moods...particulary 'the queen is dead' album.

    Jun 14 2006, 19h23
  • ventolin

    i'd have included exit music (for a film) by radiohead too, but maybe you didn't want to include 2 songs by the same artist.

    Ago 25 2006, 12h56
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