My Music, Sticking A Microphone In The Ear Of…Me


Set 1 2008, 18h50

The LP that’s made the biggest impression…
It Takes A Nation of Millions To old Us BackPublic Enemy
I got this album when I was about 16 and listening to the relentless sirens on the album gives a real sense of panic in the music, which is further boosted by the hardcore hip-hop poetry, which is splurged out of the mouth of Chuck D. Once you add the eccentricity of Flavour Flav (who used to run around with a clock hanging from his necklace, bling bling, eh?), you have the perfect recipe for a fantastic rap cake.
Check out: Bring the Noise – Public Enemy

The song that makes me emotional…
Hurricane - Bob Dylan
Well, i wouldn't go as far as saying emotional, but this is a song based on a true story about an African-American boxer who gets convicted of a double-murder that he didn’t commit. Dylan really gets across the feeling of helplessness of this promising boxer who can’t do anything about the charge, which faces him. Dylan’s lyrical arrangement is fantastic, the way he slowly builds up the story of Ruben Carter over the 7+ minutes of the song.
Check out: Nashville SkylineBob Dylan

My guilty pleasure…
I don’t know what it is about them, but I can’t help but sing along to all of their singles, who would have thought a white reggae band from Birmingham would actually be that good?
Check out: Kingston Town – UB40

All new bands should hear…
Pills, Thrills N’ Bellyaches - Happy Mondays
An album that in it’s essence is a hippy album, that Happy Mondays really weren’t a great band, they didn’t even make great music, but they connected to a niche that was crying out to be reached-out to, dance music, but made in a sort of indie sort of way, full of acceptable bouncy tunes, it would give any new band an idea of how to make their music a bit more dance friendly.
Check out: Kinky Afro – Happy Mondays

Just before I die, I want to hear…
Halleljuah - Jeff Buckley
What a great song, full of emotion and always makes you think when you listen to it, plus after listening to this you’ll be ready to die anyway. Buckley’s harrowing lyrical delivery far exceeds the original Leonard Cohen version.
Check out: Jeff Buckley – Jeff Buckley

I’ve played to the death…
Stone Roses - Stone Roses
I got into this album when I was in college and it was immense! I’d play it over all the time, I’d say between 5-10 times a week. Every song on it makes an impact, whether it’s the anthems like She Bangs The Drums, I Wanna Be Adored and I Am The Resurrection. Or if it’s the anti-monarchy song elizabeth my dear, this was the soundtrack to my college years.
Check out: Waterfall – Stone Roses

A record by a hero is…
The World Is Yours - Ian Brown
How did a gob-shite from Manchester get a “Godlike Genius” award from the NME? Well simple, he gave up booze, took up smoking marijuana everyday and decided to become philosophical, in this album he does everything from complain about the war in Iraq to using a slogan from the movie ‘Scarface’ to express his desire to get his voice heard. An album that I came out the week that I started university, its no coincidence it became on of my favourite albums during my first year there.
Check out: Illegal Attacks – Ian Brown feat. sinead o' connor

Everyone should hear…
(What’s the Story?) Morning Glory - Oasis
An album, which nobody has a bad word to say about (well that’s not entirely true, people nit-pick for the sake of it). Every track is a classic, an album that catapulted Oasis to the fore-front of Brit-Pop. This album epitomises the phrase ‘lad band’, with Liam Gallagher’s brash vocal delivery and Noel Gallagher’s entrancing guitar rhythms it’s not hard to see why the album changed a generation.
Check out: Champagne Supernova – Oasis

“And I also Think You Should…”

A great biopic film, it really celebrates the legend that is Muhammad Ali, there is a thin line between legend and myth, there is no doubt in my mind, Muhammad Ali’s actions where the stuff of legend and not myth.

A Bit of A Blur – Alex James
The biography of Blur’s bass player, Alex James. It’s a tail of rock & roll excess, bad hangovers, great parties and better groupies.

An acoustic guitar
If you’re into music you’ve got to have your own acoustic guitar, even if you don’t use it that often, give it a go, it won’t be a waste of money.


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