• I just hit 100000 scrobbles

    Fev 7 2012, 22h08

    Last.FM Milestones10000th track: (07 Feb 2006)
    Ulrich Schnauss - Gone Forever
    20000th track: (26 Jun 2006)
    9 Lazy 9 - Black Jesus
    30000th track: (27 Mar 2007)
    Nathan Fake - Fell
    40000th track: (29 Sep 2007)
    Jimmy Edgar - I Wanna Be Your STD
    50000th track: (16 Feb 2008)
    Matthew Dear - Elementary Lover (Feat. Mobius Band)
    60000th track: (25 Aug 2008)
    Milanese - Flex
    70000th track: (25 May 2009)
    Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard
    80000th track: (20 Jun 2010)
    Can - Sing Swan Song
    90000th track: (29 Mar 2011)
    Earth - Descent to the Zenith
    100000th track: (24 Jan 2012)
    Oneohtrix Point Never - Where Does Time Go
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  • Yeah lets have a list for 2010

    Jan 2 2011, 13h40

    Top 10 albums released this year (no order)
    Grinderman - grinderman II
    Polar Bear - peepers
    Autechre - oversteps/move of ten
    Actress - splaszh
    LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening/London Sessions
    Pantha du Prince - Black Noise
    Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope To The Sky.
    Oneohtrix Point Never - returnal
    Holy Fuck - Latin
    James Blake - EPs
    +3 Top albums released this year which I forgot were released this year but are most defiantly worthy of this list
    Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Real Life is No Cool
    Efterklang - Magic Chairs
    Shackleton - Fabric 55

    Top discoveries this year (no order)
    Tweak Bird- Reservations
    Godflesh - Streetcleaner
    Peter Broderick - Float
    Ólafur Arnalds - Eulogy for Evolution
    Drexciya - Neptune's Lair/Harnessed the Storm
    Seefeel - Quique
    Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself
    Biosphere - Substrata
    Amon Düül II - Yeti

    Events of the Year (no order)
    Supersonic Festival - Custard Factory Complex (Birmingham)
    Autechre - Rainbow (Birmingham)
    LCD Soundsystem - O2 Academy (Birmingham)
  • End of Year Chart

    Dez 15 2008, 22h52

    Lets face it, nothing else good will be released before the year ends.

    Best Albums of 2008 (Alphabetical Order)
    Atlas Sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel
    Autechre - Quaristice
    Carl Craig - Sessions
    Clark - Turning Dragon
    Earth - The Bee Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
    Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
    Gas - Nah und fern
    iTAL tEK - Cyclical
    Lindstrøm - Where You Go I Go Too
    Mogwai - The Hawk is Howling
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
    Pivot - O Soundtrack My Heart
    Portishead - Third
    Subtle - ExitingARM
    The Bug - London Zoo
    The Mars Volta - The Bedlam in Goliath
    TV on the Radio - Dear Science
    Why? - Alopecia

    Good Albums of 2008 (Alphabetical Order)
    Boris - Smile
    Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies
    Deerhunter - Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.
    Les Savy Fav - Lets Stay Friends
    One Day as a Lion - One Day as a Lion
    Squarepusher - Just A Souviner
    Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist

    Notable tracks, not on an album of 2008 - A section just for mr Villalobos and sir Shackleton
    Ricardo Villalobos - Minimoonstar (Shackleton Remix)
    Shackleton - Blood on My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos' Apocalypso Now mix)

    Discoveries of 2008 - Not new, just new to me
    Wisp - NRTHNDR
    Ochre - Lemodie
    Tipper - The Critical Path / Surrounded
    edIT - Crying Over Pros for No Reason
    Boris - Pink / Rock Dream
    Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Reinterpretations
    Photek - Modus Operandi
    Anthony Rother - Simulationszeitalter / pop killer
    Autechre - Entire Back Catalogue!

    Most Listened to Albums of 2008 According to Last.fm
    Boards of Canada – Geogaddi
    At the Drive-In – Relationship of Command
    The Knife – Silent Shout
    Boards of Canada – Music Has the Right to Children
    Burial – Burial
    The Avalanches – Since I Left You
    Ellen Allien & Apparat – Orchestra of Bubbles
    Amon Tobin – Bricolage
    Liars – Drum's Not Dead
    Boards of Canada – The Campfire Headphase
    Squarepusher – Music Is Rotted One Note
    Mogwai – Happy Songs for Happy People
    The Mars Volta – De-Loused in the Comatorium
    Ulrich Schnauss – A Strangely Isolated Place
    Plaid – Double Figure
    Radiohead – Hail to the Thief
    Radiohead – Amnesiac
    Radiohead – Kid A
    Richie Hawtin – DE9 Transitions
    Radiohead – OK Computer
    Interestingly, none of those albums were actually released this year!

    Most Listened to Artists of 2008 According to Last.fm
    Boards of Canada
    Atlas Sound
    The Mars Volta
    Aphex Twin
    Venetian Snares
    Amon Tobin
    TV on the Radio
    Flying Lotus
    Animal Collective
    More reflective of the great albums of the year

    Most Listened to Tracks of 2008 According to Last.fm
    Gas – [untitled] Give your tracks a name!!
    Burial – [untitled] And you!
    Thom Yorke – Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix)
    Boards of Canada – Roygbiv
    Thom Yorke – The Clock (Surgeon Remix)
    Autechre – The Plc
    Portishead – We Carry On full track
    Atlas Sound – Quarantined
    Portishead – Machine Gun full track
    Autechre – Perlence
    Portishead – Silence
    Autechre – Pen Expers
    Atlas Sound – River Card
    Atlas Sound – Recent Bedroom
    The Field – A Paw in My Face
    Burial – Dog Shelter full track
    Autechre – IO
    Subtle – day dangerous
    Milanese – Mr Bad News (Clark Remix)
    Burial – UK

    That wasted some time! :D
  • 40,000 scrobbled tracks!

    Set 29 2007, 19h27

    this is a post to mark this humble achievement.
    then i can see how things have changed in the next 10,000 tracks or so.

    40,000th track = Melody Day

    Weekly chart (artist):
    1 Mogwai
    2 Animal Collective
    3 Liars
    4 Four Tet
    5 Do Make Say Think
    5 Radiohead
    5 The Aloof
    8 Massive Attack
    9 65daysofstatic
    9 Gravenhurst

    last 3 months (artist):
    1 The Chemical Brothers (133)
    2 Venetian Snares (130)
    3 Justice (90)
    4 Melt-Banana (89)
    5 Mogwai (85)
    6 The Knife (79)
    7 Amon Tobin (75)
    7 Underworld (75)
    9 My Bloody Valentine (69)
    9 Mew (69)

    last 3 months (tracks):
    1 Justice – Genesis (15)
    2 Justice – D.A.N.C.E (14)
    3 Caribou – Melody Day (13)
    4 The Chemical Brothers – Saturate (12)
    4 Mew – Circuitry of the Wolf (12)
    6 Melt-Banana – If It is the Deep Sea, I Can See You There (11)
    6 ZILLA – [untitled] (11)
    6 Justice – Let There Be Light (11)
    6 Venetian Snares – Cabbage (11)
    6 My Bloody Valentine – Touched (11)

    Overall (artist):
    1 Amon Tobin (947)
    2 Radiohead (749)
    3 Aphex Twin (723)
    4 Mogwai (654)
    5 The Mars Volta (633)
    6 Queens of the Stone Age (510)
    7 System of a Down (477)
    8 Orbital (472)
    9 DJ Shadow (428)
    10 Depeche Mode (388)

    Overall (tracks)
    1 The Mars Volta – Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt (59)
    2 Mogwai – Hunted by a Freak (57)
    3 Radiohead – The National Anthem (46)
    4 The Cinematic Orchestra – Man With the Movie Camera (41)
    5 Mogwai – Stop Coming to My House (40)
    5 The Mars Volta – This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed (40)
    7 The Mars Volta – Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus (39)
    7 At the Drive-In – Cosmonaut (39)
    9 At the Drive-In – Arcarsenal (38)
    10 Pendulum – Slam (37)

    Other Stats:
    40.20 % mainstream
    50,000 tracks on 24th of April 2008.
  • Note to self. Next year i AM going to one of these:

    Ago 8 2007, 22h30

    ATP (april/may/dec)
    Wireless Festival (June)
    Sonar (June)
    Truck (July)
    Glade (July)
    Field Day (Aug)
    Big Chill (Aug)
    Bestival (Sept)
  • media player boredom

    Mar 31 2007, 22h08

    since i'm bored of my lab report i do not actually understand, here is something that's been floating around the blogs:

    Go to your music player and fill this out for lots of amusement and time-killing.
    How many songs: 7417 - 24 days 10 hours 45 minutes. niice!

    Sort by song title:
    -First Song: $40,000 Plus Interest by volcano! from Beautiful Seizure
    -Last Song: Z.W.A.M. by Dexter from Dave Clarke:World Service (disc 2: Electro mix)

    Sort by length:
    -Shortest Song: Judson & Popular St. by Wink from Left Above the Clouds - 4 seconds long.
    -Longest Song (excluding mixes): 45:33 - LCD Soundsystem - 45 minutes 58 seconds

    Sort by album:
    -First Album: 1 Up by Milanese
    -Last Album: Zoot Woman by Zoot Woman

    Most Songs: Aphex Twin - 104 (excluding his various alias')
    Fewest Songs: meh loads which just have 1 song.

    Top 10 Most Played Songs (grabbed from last.fm charts since i just reinstalled):
    1 - The Mars Volta – Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt
    2 - Mogwai – Hunted by a Freak
    3 - Pendulum – Slam
    4 - The Mars Volta – This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed
    5 - Radiohead – The National Anthem
    6 - The Cinematic Orchestra – Man With the Movie Camera
    7 - The Mars Volta – Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus
    8 - The Mars Volta – Day of the Baphomets
    9 - Tiga – You Gonna Want Me
    10 - The Mars Volta – Drunkship of Lanterns
    (ok i had a big Mars Volta phase a year ago)

    First song that comes up on Shuffle: Dig for Fire - Pixies

    "sex", how many songs come up?: 41
    "love", how many songs come up?: 247
    "you", how many songs come up?: 540

    ok, no idea what the point of that was. but wasted 10 minutes i should have been being productive.
  • Festivals i want to go to but probably never will do.....

    Mar 24 2007, 2h24

    ....because i have no money, or know no-one else who will go, or has any money either...

    The Big Chill

    ah well....
  • Top albums of the year (so far) - and other albums i can't stop listening to

    Mar 14 2007, 12h47

    in no particular order:

    Myth Takes
    best track: Bend over Beethoven

    Foley Room
    best tracks: Esther's, the killers vanilla

    Sound Of Silver
    best tracks: all my friends, watch the tapes

    best tracks: Depth Charge Ethel, No pussy blues

    from a little while ago:
    Silent Shout
    best tracks: Mable House, We share our mothers health

    You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
    best tracks: Romantic Rights, little girl

    The Fall of Math
    best tracks: The fall of math, Retreat! Retreat!
  • bored... How mainstream are you?

    Jan 16 2007, 13h23

    First, you find out the number of listeners for your top 20 artists.

    1 Amon Tobin - 86,322
    2 Radiohead - 511,622
    3 Aphex Twin - 183,213
    4 The Mars Volta - 181,559
    5 Mogwai - 167,679
    6 System of a Down - 368,374
    7 Queens of the Stone Age - 248,845
    8 Orbital - 96,158
    9 DJ Shadow - 154,792
    10 Depeche Mode - 300,066
    11 The Cinematic Orchestra - 68,632
    12 Kraftwerk - 112,012
    13 Lemon Jelly - 64,791
    14 Mr. Scruff - 47,270
    15 Richie Hawtin - 9,721
    16 Ulrich Schnauss - 33,455
    17 Pixies - 312,676
    18 The Aloof - 1,911
    19 Boards of Canada - 164,324
    20 LCD Soundsystem - 111,637

    Total = 2,764,599

    Divide the total by 20.


    Divide by the number of Coldplay listeners (519,761).


    Multiply by 100 and round, if necessary

    So, I'm 26.6% mainstream. =P
  • Groups/Bands/DJ's i have seen

    Fev 18 2006, 18h44

    Just a place to record people i have seen, and so i don't forget, in a rough order.

    The Mars Volta - Brixton Acadamy
    my first ever gig. and was amazing, except for DJ Nobody boring everyone.
    Art Brut - University of Warwick
    average, not my sort of thing, the best thing about the band is the singers name - eddie argos.
    Goldie - University of Warwick
    poor, very poor, he lost it years ago when fame went to his head.
    The Go! Team and Dreadzone - University of Warwick
    go! team - amazing, made me love them even more
    Dreadzone - i think they were good but too drunk to remember
    Vitalic, Soulwax and 2 Many DJ's - University of Warwick
    when i saw these it was a choice between them and Clor. A tough decision since clor have now split. i think i made the right one though, soulwax are an amazing live electro band.
    Grandmaster Flash DJ Set - University of Warwick
    old skool greatness, much better than expected.
    Pendulum DJ Set - University of Warwick
    It all seemed so much better this time i saw them
    Mr Scruff DJ Set - University of Warwick
    has to be the coolest set ever, where else to u get tea sold in a club?!
    Nu:Tone DJ Set, Cyantific DJ Set, London Elektricity live - University of Warwick
    the dj's were great, except one speeker kept dying
    london elektricity were amazing, and the jungle drummer is amazing! the word amazing is amazing!
    Dizzie Rascal - University of Warwick
    was good, but feel conned, he was only on for 20 mins.
    The Mars Volta again - Birmingham Acadamy
    woha even better than the first time! well except for the crowd, that was messy.

    The Scratch Perverts DJ Set and Dynamite MC - University of Warwick
    oh yeah - scratchtastic, without a doubt the best djs EVAR!
    Baron and Fresh DJ Set - University of Warwick
    cant beat a bit of the bass :p
    Jhest - University of Warwick
    meh not my style, too shouty
    Tim Westwood (i was forced ok!) DJ Set - University of Warwick
    he must die! if only that bomb effect was a real bomb.
    Roll Deep - University of Warwick
    dnt know, i left cos the warm up act was soooooo bad. my mates said they weren't great anyhow.
    Erol Alkan DJ Set - University of Warwick
    yeah some rocky buzzy bass, than no-one seemed to get except me and the pill heads. warwick ppl need some taste!
    Nicky Blackmarket DJ Set and N-Trance - University of Warwick
    N-Trance: Cheeeeese!
    Nicky Blackmarket: oldskool, but dnt remember
    Mampi Swift DJ Set and DJ Friction - University of Warwick
    twas good, what i remember :s
    Coolio - University of Warwick
    hhahahahahaha. oh dear...
    Roni Size, Andy C, DJ Marky, Zinc - University of Warwick
    whoooo best birthday ever! - a big rave up :p
    Killa Kela - University of Warwick
    he beatboxing was great. shame he didnt do more of it. he own stuff was alright, may grow on me if i listened to it again, and if he got off the roundtrees advert...
    Adam F, Baron and Fresh - University of Warwick - yes again, uni loves em...
    Baron, Pendulum - University of Warwick - yes again, although disappointed this time, pendulum should just stick to production, it was the most packed pressure has ever been.
    DJ Craze - University of Warwick - he is up there with the scratch perverts, i cant really put one or the other as my fav
    Chase & Status, Q Project & Baron- University of Warwick - whooo the usual dosage of drum and bass.

    DJ Hype - University of Warwick - All your base are belong to us
    Ram Records 15 Years Tour - Andy C, Shimon, Subfocus/Baron - University of Warwick - Pressure rocked as always, mr C was on form
    DJ Noise & DJ Blakey - Smack - Leamington - A poor night left early since it was all a bit too commercial for me
    DJ Hype - Smack - Leamington - An ok night although no where near the greatness of pressure.
    LCD Soundsystem - Manchester University - An amazing night, lcd really does it well live, an insane long version of yeah went down well. the only let down was the final song - new york i love you, which im still not sure if i like.
    Mr Scruff - University of Warwick - best scruff set ever. good crowd and was rammed.
    Scratch Perverts - University of Warwick - better than last time (i can remember it). i dont even need to say how good they are.
    Do Make Say Think - Taylor John's - Coventry - the support acts spoilt it a bit. there is only so much post rock you can take in an evening, other than not knowing any of their tracks, was surprisingly good.
    65daysofstatic - Carling Academy - Birmingham - Not as good as expected, a bit samey towards the end, but good anyway. still no idea why people rate Josh T Pearson, an the other support was a bit...well crap.
    Battles - Barfly - Birmingham - Oh yeaaahhh! even better live than is possibly imaginable!
    Pendulum - University of Warwick - not a great dj, but the place was rammed, and was a good night.
    Marquee Allnighter - Custard Factory - Dillinja, Lemon D, Break and most of hospital records, and the Valve Soundsystem what else could you want at 5 in the morning?
    Dillinja & Lemon D, Sub Focus - University of Warwick - was a great night, although cannot remember much of it, other than my mate being thown out for being twatted.
    Deerhoof, Liars, Deerhunter, Black Lips, fuck buttons - Forum, London - Definatly worth the traveling, even if i did miss deerhoof. The Fuck Buttons were awwwaahhh, i was hearing buzzing for most of the night. Deerhunter and Liars were amazing, the sort of music you get lost in. Not so sure on the Black Lips, although alright live, doubt the album would be all that.
    Mr. Scruff - University of Warwick - Funky Tea and Pie vibes :D
    Akron/Family, Phosphorescent - Taylor John's - Coventry - Much better live than on CD. Handed out random instruments into the crowd to play along to the wall of sound.

    Dälek, Souvaris, Destructo Swarmbots - Taylor John's - Coventry - Only caught the end of Souvaris but sounded good and post rocky. Dalek were like a dark wall of sound, bass everywhere, like being high on noise. its a good thing.

    The Qemists - University of Warwick
    Noisia - University of Warwick
    Caribou - Taylor John's - Coventry
    Autechre, SND, Rob Hall - The Factory Club, Custard Factory - Birmingham - (Undecided)
    Andy C - University of Warwick
    Field Day - Victoria Park - London