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  • bheo1992

    Haha Jorritje! Ja, ik kwam het ineens weer ergens tegen, dus ik dacht ff koppelen aan Spotify dan maar! Hoppa!

    5 Jun 17h21 Responder
  • notomorrow-

    thank you :) ah no, i didn't take them myself. i wish though, i would love to travel around the world and take a lot of photographs .. :) have a nice sunday :)

    25 Mai 9h30 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    Oh man, thank you so much for the wishes Easter. I am not very happy for this date. I don't know... i only like because is holiday. I don't have college but i'm still studying at home. Never stop!! hahahaha. Happy Easter for you too!

    18 Abr 22h34 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    Ah, life is going. Life studies, but I'm enjoying it too! you heard bad religion and rhcp, how wonderful! i've been listening to quite rhcp and raul seixas, haha!

    4 Abr 21h25 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    Heeeeeey boy, hello again! how are you? The show was very nice. I haven't words to described it. Sorry for the delay. I'm studying very hard and hardly have time to access the internet. Anyway, have a nice week!

    30 Mar 22h04 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    Oh, are you kidding with me? really? you really liked Raul Seixas? i'm very surprise and happy too. I never imagined that you like him. He's so fantastic... is one of my idols, haha! Oh, portuguese is really dificult and bored to learn. English is easier. But I think that Dutch is more dificult than Portuguese. I had heard of Golden Earning but did not know they were from Holland. Nice. I heard Skik and also quite liked! I'm counting the days since when I bought the ticket three months ago. I'm trying to control anxiety, but it's difficult. I waited 4 years for this day and... wow, can not wait! will be a dream come true. You favorite ''Harborcoat'' of R.E.M. I love so much this music. It's favorite on my Last too.

    17 Mar 1h39 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    To be honest with you, I dont know what brazilian artist i can advise you because here dont have any artist that i think you like, you know? If you want, you can try to listen Raul Seixas. Musics like ''Morning Train'' and ''How could I know'' that he sings in English and others that he sings in portuguese. I do not know any artists there, you would have some indication to me?

    11 Mar 0h22 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    My birthday is on October 24th. Is still far, haha. Do you know any Brazilian band or artist? Oh and thank you! I was thinking of changing again, but I think I'll leave that same photo.

    2 Mar 19h03 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    oh, i'm very happy that you liked the directions! well, really? i didnt know ): but if it happens in one year, still time to see him in concert, never knows! i want a hat in the same style of him hahahaha. Oh, yes, here there are so many radios that i like...i always listen 'cause they play metal music, rock and some kind of country too, its amazing. In Netherland there are some radio that you really like? oh, and i almost forgot, happy birthay to you very late, but... happy bday anyway, haha!

    24 Fev 22h35 Responder
  • gustavoprimex


    21 Fev 17h33 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    Oh, for nothing! feel free to ask me for directions, if I can help you, I'll. Then, tell me if you liked the directions of punk, ok? To be honest with you, I like almost all aspects of Rock n Roll and Metal, except New Metal. But there types of Brazilian music that I dislike. You must know something about the Carnival here in Brazil, right? then, I do not even like the commemorative date, or the type of music, the samba. In fact, my musical taste is restricted but at the same time not. The scene of rock n 'roll is too big, so it does not get restricted to a band, haha. Hey, recently, was your birthday?

    20 Fev 20h47 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    oh yes, did you see? i really love ''A Horse with no name'', haha. Reminds me very good memories. Oh, anyway, thank you for indications. I listened all about America that you sent me and wow, America is really very very nice. I need urgently search for more about them. Yeah, good, i love punk! Bad religion, you know? why don't you start listen them? I indicate sounds like 'Generator', 'Anesthesia', 'Them and Us' and 'American Jesus'. These are one of my favorite sounds of them. There is another band of the genre that I like very well, The Offspring, you know? hear some of their songs like'' Amazed'','' Gone Away'','' All I Want'','' The Kids Arent Alright''. If you like them, i can give you more indications!

    19 Fev 19h59 Responder
  • elwin1990

    Hahaha, is al niet meer nodig zie ik! ;-)

    19 Fev 19h08 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    Yes, there are cd shops here, but don't sell cds of Desert Rose Band. I heard his directions very quickly and I liked most were Zec Brown Band and Easton Corbin, but I need to listen to others better. Thanks for the directions! Well, you want to indications in the genre of country? because from what I see, you know more than me. I saw that you enjoy quite America, right? my favorite song is theirs, A horse with no name. I wanted to know more of America.

    18 Fev 18h58 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    I have the game until now days. It's my favorite play, haha! Oh, i dont believe it, boy.. its so magic! here its so difficult to find a download of them, imagine a vinyl or CD, it's impossible, unfortunately. I agree with you, everything is great! but I love the ''Running'' and the ''Pages of Life'' so much. Do you have an artist in the style of George Strait or Desert Rose Band to show me?

    12 Fev 22h32 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    Oh, thanx, I'm really determined in relation of medicine. I keep trying and i believe in myself. Thank you for the support. Oh, wait, do you have a vinyl of ''Desert rose band''? i don't believe it. Well, do you know about the play of Playstation that calls ''Grand Theft Auto San Andreas''? I listened ''One Step Forward'' there and I sang while playing but I did not know who was the music, until one day I stopped to search and download the albuns of them and it was love at first sight. Desert Rose Band has become one of my favorite bands, no doubt. Do you have a favorite album of them?

    11 Fev 21h05 Responder
  • EmilyCombs

    Hi! Your welcome. Thanks. :)

    10 Fev 17h30 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    Wow, i'll start to telling how was the show. I obtained to get a piece of the set list them. I'm very happy for this. They played so many musics and included the old and new songs. In general, they played 30 songs. I went into some mosh pit and I got some bruises and my bruised rib too but it was worth it. Now I'm eagerly waiting for the Metallica. Do you do volunteer work, I think that's cool. I still do not work, just study. I want to do medicine and it's very difficult here in Brazil. You know, to get into the college of medicine, it's very difficult. But I'm studying hard to achieve this goal and this year I was unable to get into a college for a few points. I was very sad, but it happens. And to be honest, I dont like to live in Brazil. Corruption and theft are blatant here. Public health is precarious, security also and few things are saved here. I think it's worth it are the landscapes and the fact we have no earthquakes or volcanoes. Well, I've said too much. G-night, boy.

    10 Fev 0h23 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    Sure, i'll have fun on friday! so.. do you work? and tell me more how is to live in netherlands. Do you enjoy it?

    5 Fev 22h47 Responder
  • SweetBrownstone

    In reality, I've never been on any show, even small band :\ but next Friday, I'm in a show! Bad religion knows? they will come to my city and I will. I'm excited. But in fact the same, I'm even more excited for March 22 when my favorite band, Metallica, comes to Brazil and I'll see them up close at the show. Can not wait. I'm counting the days, haha. Have you been somewhere cool show?

    2 Fev 1h17 Responder
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Hello there!

My name is Jorrit and I love music. Nearly all kinds: The more natural it sounds, the better it is! My favorite genres are country, Americana and (Southern) rock. Once in a while I also love listening to classical music (especially baroque) and much more.

Currently I am a broadcast engineer for the voluntary local radio. I presented a weekly youth program at this station before, but nowadays I control the buttons for a daily news program with various guests from the municipality once a week. I also collect vinyl singles and LP records and love to listen to some good American and Canadian radio stations.

More? Please leave a shout or feel free to add me as a friend to see what we have in common! :-D

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