"Mathilde" by Scott Walker.


Jul 16 2007, 7h46

No song on earth, this week, can make me happier. Never has any man with such exuberance sung such a line as "Mama! Can you hear me yell?! Your baby boy's gone back to hell!" What line in any given love song could possibly make more sense?
Scott Walker, Mathilde

And what could be better than being introduced by Dusty Springfield clearly on the verge of pleasuring herself just at the thought of passing you in the corridor?


  • idletigers

    Horn sections don't do that kind of thing anymore do they?

    Jul 16 2007, 15h48
  • alexbergauer

    Nah sadly they don't. Mark Ronson should hear this one...

    Dez 6 2007, 20h09
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