My take on the first rock n roll song


Jun 17 2007, 4h38

Spent the last few days listening to candidate "first rock n roll" songs. More on that later, but right now i just want to say that Goree Carter's Rock Awhile is the winner for me so far. Strong beat, somewhat wailing vocals, and check the guitar licks!

That said, if 's genesis requires for you that guitar be the main instrument throughout the song, and/or the country influence that Elvis brought with That's All Right (Mama), then i suppose Rock Awhile wouldn't do it. But even if you don't think it brings together enough to be the first, Rock Awhile is easily one of the oldest tracks that people had to look back at and see as classic rock & roll (imho moreso than many other songs put forward as possible firsts).


  • Phillyzero

    Wow, sounds interesting, maybe I'll try and hunt down this track, seems awful obscure.

    Jun 17 2007, 5h50
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