• gabrielle aplin, d at sea and melody pool

    Jun 4 2014, 1h32

    Mon 2 Jun – Gabrielle Aplin, Melody Pool There was a big crowd but not a sight of 'English rain' on this cold Monday evening. About an hour of shuffling in and sitting awkwardly next to strangers Melody Pool started and played a short set of songs new and old, Melody's influences of Joni Mitchell soar through and also at time is reminsicent of English chanteuse Larua Marling, who also played this very stage a year back, she played her most known songs like "Xavier" and "Henry' from the hurting scene, melody said she sounds better on record but i and the crowd beg to differ and she wailed through her all too set, definitely see her as she tours regularly. Late minute addition and support on her over age shows "D at sea" played a brief short of mostly new angst filled songs, Doyle gets compared to city and color but he is more like early dashboard confessional (before he started to suck) and clearly some of the crowd were here to see him also, great but short performance. A all too long interlude and then amongst walls of tween screams Gabrielle sauntered onto the stage in a adorable french indie chic outfit, she started out with panic chord from English rain which sounds even more amazing live and displays the vocal chords miss Aplin has and how far she has come since those paramore video covers year ago. She played mostly new songs and songs from her older EP's more than english rain songs and i would have liked to have heard start of time, november and bonus track evaporate but that didn't detract from the sheer brilliance of the show. Memorable was when she sauntered over to the piano and played token cover hit 'the power of love' and also was her cover of a case of you who she announced as a cover song by Joni Mitchell and i heard a lot of people say 'who?' ah.....Anyway complaints aside she finished with Dont' say you love me and a encore of home, not before climbing to the podium of the church and being sassy and pretending to do a sermon. It's not only the humor but her wit which draws people to Gabrielle, it's actually amazing how far she has come in this Country since the Ed sheeran tour a year back and i predict next tour will be in venues like the enmore and festival hall. I rarely attend shows these days, this was the last since the national but this was just as good and even though the next tour will be less intimate as her star rises, i pray that it will be soon. Gabrielle Aplin English RainD At SeaMelody PoolThe Hurting Scene