• Black Moth Super WOW!

    Ago 3 2009, 7h16

    Ok, I went to the BMSR show in downtown Miami recently. Holy smokes what an awesome show!

    Imagine a Chinese masked gorilla man, crowd surfing over you as sound waves of the beat pulsates out of a half empty beer bottle in your hand and you are too entranced in the music to pay attention to any of those details until after the show. It all hits you at once. Everything you missed comes together after BMSR climaxes your brain with awesomeness! Black Moth not only is exceptional in their musical performance but they also possess the ideal skills in a magnificent stage performance, or lack there of a stage. They are not bound to a stage.

    The band as a unit, plays together without strain or a lackluster set list. Almost as if the mechanized vocals have become a lifestyle. BMSR gives the crowd what they want through endless fun and excitement.
  • <3 zolof

    Out 8 2007, 21h56

    I <3 Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer!!! :]