5000th Track


Dez 28 2006, 19h34

I'm not entirely sure which track it was, but counting up on my iPod, it looks like it was And Darling. That song is incredibly, um, as the tags for it say, "smushy". If I'd been paying attention, something else would've made it.
Anyways, I'm uncreative, so I'll just be repeating a top ten artist journal, with the first song, the song I fell in love with, and my current favorite from each of my top ten artists. Only this time I'm using the top 20.

1. Tegan and Sara
First Song: Walking With a Ghost
Fell in Love With: Speak Slow
Current Favorite: All You Got

2. The Killers
First Song: Somebody Told Me
Fell in Love With: Mr. Brightside
Current Favorite: When You Were Young

3. Green Day
First Song: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
Fell in Love With: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Current Favorite: Basket Case

(those top 3 are likely never changing.)

4. t.A.T.u.
First Song: All the Things She Said
Fell in Love With: Friend or Foe
Current Favorite: How Soon Is Now?

5. Queen
First Song: We Are the Champions or We Will Rock You
Fell in Love With: We Are the Champions
Current Favorite: I Want to Break Free

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers
First Song: Scar Tissue
Fell in Love With: Californication
Current Favorite: Snow (Hey Oh)(I removed the extra parentheses from the name because they bugged me)

7. My Chemical Romance
First Song: I'm Not Okay (I Promise) (I'm guessing here)
Fell in Love With: Teenagers
Current Favorite: Welcome to the Black Parade

8. Evanescence
First Song: Bring Me to Life
Fell in Love With: Bring Me to Life
Current Favorite: Snow White Queen

9. Death Cab for Cutie
First Song: I have no idea.
Fell in Love With: Title and Registration
Current Favorite: I Will Follow You Into The Dark

10. The Beatles (I was surprised to see them in my top ten)
First Song: Like I would know. I probably heard a lot growing up. I'll take a guess at Yellow Submarine.
Fell in Love With: Hey Jude
Current Favorite: Probably Hey Jude, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, or I Am the Walrus

11. Sublime
First Song: Umm, Smoke Two Joints (A Guess)
Fell in Love With: Wrong Way
Current Favorite: Doin' Time

12. The Postal Service
First Song: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Fell in Love With: Such Great Heights
Current Favorite: Nothing Better

13. Michelle Branch
First Song: All You Wanted
Fell in Love With: Everywhere
Current Favorite: You Get Me

14. Muse
First Song: Time Is Running Out
Fell in Love With: Starlight
Current Favorite: Knights of Cydonia (so awesome and epic)

15. Smash Mouth
First Song: Walkin' On The Sun
Fell in Love With: All Star
Current Favorite: So Insane

15. Gorillaz
First Song: 19-2000
Fell in Love With: Feel Good Inc.
Current Favorite: Feel Good Inc.

17. "Weird Al" Yankovic
First Song: Jurassic Park
Fell in Love With: Yoda
Current Favorite: White & Nerdy

18. Eisley
First Song: Don't know.
Fell in Love With: Vintage People
Current Favorite: Marvelous Things

18. Jimmy Eat World
First Song: The Middle
Fell in Love With: The Middle (It's like my anthem or something)
Current Favorite: Sweetness

I've got two artists tied for 20 here, so I'll just do both of them.

20. Michael Jackson
First Song: Beat It
Fell in Love With: Smooth Criminal
Current Favorite: Black or White

20. U2
First Song: Vertigo
Fell in Love With: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Current Favorite: Pride (in the Name of Love)