• bad brains

    Nov 1 2009, 17h37

    Sun 25 Oct – Bad Brains

    do the shuffle H.R.

    and that opening band seriously (was not very good).
  • Sisters of Mercy w/Hypernova - HOB - San Diego, CA - 11/29/08

    Dez 5 2008, 19h43


    The Sisters of Mercy

    Went to the show at the HOB on Saturday 29 Nov. Andrew and the Dok were playing with Hypernova, a crunchy sounding indie band from Iran.

    Hypernova was pretty damn good. I hadn't heard of them before this show, but I checked out some of their stuff and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a proper opening act for Andrew.

    Going into the show, I expected to hear some of the "newer" (If you can call it that) Sisters stuff, (Floodland and Vision Thing predominantly), and I was right.

    As can probably be inferred from my charts, I am a huge fan of the Sisters' darker sounding stuff, mostly First and Last and Always and Some Girls... Andrew has frequently rejected the association of the Sisters with the goth scene, stating that people took one of their "week-long" fads and slapped them with a permanent label.

    Honestly, I think Andrew should embrace and play to his fan base regardless of who they may be. If the old 80's goth scene constitutes most of this base, then make them happy.

    I noticed a number of disillusioned faces amongst the crowd when Andrew and his two guitarists were leaving the stage. Not because they were done playing, but because the performance had been lacking. True, Andrew is approaching 50 and his voice and energy may not be what they once were, but his lack of enthusiasm was clearly evident.

    He even took a song off (I believe it was Adrenochrome, but the music was so garbled that one could hardly tell without the vocals). It was underwhelming at best. He DID cover a song from First and Last and Always, albeit my least favorite from the album, Marian. And he DID get to Anaconda and Alice, two badass blasts from the past.

    All in all, at least I could say that I saw Andrew live at some point in my life. Was I naive in thinking he would bust one of his legendary, theatrical vocal performances (Oh man, I can just picture the haunting wails in Logic or Some Kind of Stranger... live!)?

    Sisters of Mercy w/Hypernova - HOB - San Diego, CA - 11/29/08
  • Nothing

    Nov 30 2007, 23h04

    by Depeche Mode. Awesome song. Carry on.