RJD2- Rhythm Room 4/4/10


Abr 7 2010, 1h34

Sun 4 Apr – RJD2, Busdriver, Happy Chichester

Overall, I thought this was a great show.

Started off with Happy Chinchester who was... decent. It's cool what he does with looping. However, I thought it was a little sloppy. And as someone pointed out, if this was his third time on tour with RJ, then he has been doing this a long time. The songs he dubbed his "crazy songs" were a bit too crazy for me.

Busdriver was entertaining when he came out with the bunny ears on. I couldn't really hear what he was saying too well, so I can't tell how smart his lyrics were.... but it seems like he can spit. The other dude doing the beats (don't remember his name) was sick. However, I didn't care for the things Busdriver did on top of the beats. Too noisy, too busy.

RJD2 was amazing, as I expected him to be. I couldn't really see (yeah.... thanks giant guy standing directly in front of me), so I didn't really understand the whole crotch-drum-machine thing. I thought there was a good balance between his dj stuff and his instrumental stuff. Its pretty hard to keep a crowd as diverse as the one at the show happy. But I think he succeeded. I would've liked to hear more from "The Third Hand" (its my favorite... I know I'm the only one who likes it though). But, overall, fantastic set. Also, RJ is adorable when he sings.


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