Lots of discoveries in '05


Dez 29 2005, 22h04

So yeah, huge year for discovering new music. I've read a ton of people's journals lately talking about how this year has been a definite cornerstone in defining/redefining their musical tastes and that certainly applies to me as well.

First off, here are a few of the artists/groups that I have found this year:

Rufus Wainwright
Rachael Yamagata
Iron And Wine
Bright Eyes
Ryan Adams
Sufjan Stevens
Antony and the Johnsons
Damien Rice
Death Cab for Cutie
Jeff Buckley
Clem Snide
The Killers
The Boy Least Likely To
Mazzy Star
Ray LaMontagne

There are others but those are the most important.

For tracks I could go crazy but I won't. I will just mention a few of the most meaningful to me.

The Maker Makes
One Man Guy
No Lies, Just Love
The First Day of My Life
Letter Read
Be Be Your Love
Casimir Pulaski Day
The Transfiguration
Hope There's Someone
Waiting For A Superman

Ok I have to stop now. I might pick back up later but that is certainly enough for now.

Thanks Nooka!



I must edit adding:
Jews For Jesus blues


  • music_and_me

    yeah, i was going to reccomend some elliott smith. the guy is incredible.

    Dez 29 2005, 22h22
  • music_and_me

    Rufus Wainwright Iron & Wine Ryan Adams Sufjan Stevens Antony and the Johnsons Death Cab for Cutie Jeff Buckley Clem Snide The Boy Least Likely To Mazzy Star i love all of the above. :). you seem to have great taste hehe. i really hate the killers though for some reason lol.

    Dez 29 2005, 22h23
  • CM1847

    Casimir Pulaski Day is one of my favorite songs of the year, great choice.

    Dez 29 2005, 22h35
  • nookajones

    hey? how'd you hear about all those bands? :-P I have some new music for you btw. Something to bounce around on the beach to. :-P

    Dez 29 2005, 23h16
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