The Soft Option Playlist 18/10/11


Out 18 2011, 19h14

Radio show on Radio Active FM, Tuesday 9-11PM NZDT. More via, Facebook or Twitter

Artist - Title (Label) Country (Free?)
Collarbones - Don Juan (Two Bright Lakes) Australia (Free download)
Hollie Smith & Mara TK - The Spirit Racing The Mind (Soundsmith Records) NZ
Nite Jewel - Am I Real (Classixx TPS-L2 Mix) (Gloriette) USA (Free download)
Charles Trees - Exodus (Scion A/V) USA
Brian Eno - By This River (Virgin EG) UK
Sandro Perri - Love & Light (Constellation) Canada (Free download)
Bot'Ox - Blue Steel (Death From Abroad) France
Flume - Sleepless ft. Antony For Cleopatra (self-released) Australia (Free download)
Adrien75 - silver clouds (Angry Rabbit) USA
Lovemuscle - maGic CarPet RiDe (self-released) NZ / USA
Funkystepz - You Got It (Hyperdub) UK (Free download)
MJ Cole - Gotta Have It (Prolific Recordings) UK
Sable* - Beat 1 (self-released) NZ (Free download)
Miso-Shiru - Gush (self-released) NZ (Free download)
BUN - Tomo (Oil Works) Japan
Jun Nagaosa - Flash Gun Beat (self-released) Japan (Free download)
Bullion - Lol Express (Young Turks) UK
Bullion - Too Right (Young Turks) UK
Cut Copy - Where I'm Going (Modular) Australia (Free download)
Vanity Theft - Missing Teeth (Houses Remix) (Vigilante Music) USA (Free download)
Lexx - Sirocco (Bear Funk) USA
Hot Toddy - I Need Love (Morgan Geist's Love dub) (Eskimo Recordings) UK (USA)
Escort - Starlight (Darshan Jesrani Parks Dept. Dub) (Escort Records) USA
Kharkov - harp (Aoi remix) (self-released) Australia (Free download)
group five - Burials (Angry Rabbit) NZ (Free download)
Boxcutter - Waiting for the Lights (Adult Swim) UK (Free download)
Myagi - Bush Waterfall (self-released) NZ (Free download)
Ghislain Poirier - Ailleurs (Alien8 Recordings) Canada
DJ Hati-Monji - Born Free (Shi-Ra-Nui) Japan
Junior Boys - No Kinda Man (Get Physical) Canada


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