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Jan 7 2006, 3h58

In the huge, choppy, overwhelming ocean of free techno on the web, I've become pretty quick to dismiss stuff. Lots of stuff sounds like Chain Reaction, specifically the producer called Various Artists. I'm sure that link won't work... anyway, more recently there's been heaps of stuff that's jumped on the more housey bandwagon after Vladislav Delay's Luomo project made that business cool. And fair enough, it's pretty incredible stuff.

But the artists who are giving stuff away and who are really distinctive are few and far between. Pheek is most definitely one of them. It'd be hard to call this stuff "minimal", although that's become basically a standard adjective to preface techno with nowadays. It's often fast, busy, with percussion and all manner of bleeps and gurgles skittering and jumping around the beats. The music is so energetic and interesting, totally refreshing if the metronomic swell and pulse of the more dubbed out minimal tech is doing your head in.

Um. Yeah. It's yum.

Forgot to add some links.

Free releases:

[url="";]Tabisuru Kokoro
[url="";]L'Ordre des Collisions

And Pheek's label, Archipel, which doesn't have anything by him (solo), but has a lot of fresh sounding stuff, anyway:


  • arjesh

    thanks for the link to the free mikkel metal album and all these other links. need to check them out now.

    Jun 2 2006, 3h36
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