A night in Shepherd's Bush


Abr 22 2008, 8h49

Mon 21 Apr – Blonde Redhead, Holy Fuck, Devastations

Holy Fuck were funny and catchy and I would see them again - maybe would enjoy them more towards the end of a billing. I'm sceptical about vocal effects, not many bands can or should use these - aim for Battles, not Cher - but it all added up to an amusing slot.

Devastations excelled although I thought that the sound was a little muddy at times. Conrad's howl is brilliant!

Didn't stay for much of Blonde Redhead - just wanted to hear Misery Is a Butterfly - got bored waiting so we left.


  • xhyperballadx


    Abr 22 2008, 10h54
  • PaoloTramezzani

    did you get bored halfway through writing that as well?

    Abr 22 2008, 10h56
  • jesstherese

    A bit :)

    Abr 22 2008, 12h41
  • jesstherese

    Actually I think I was just more drunk as the night progressed so less inclined to note detail.

    Abr 22 2008, 13h14
  • PaoloTramezzani

    fair enough, i thought holy fuck were very good, they might get a better crowd reaction from facing the audience but they clearly feed off of each other and that's great to see too, i think the vocal effects work really well with their music, maybe they should turn them off when they're talking to the audience in future : ) i liked devastations first and last songs, the louder more swirling/distorted songs, weren't fussed with the rest i enjoyed blonde redhead muchly, but was also quite drunk by this point

    Abr 22 2008, 14h38
  • voxel777

    Good to see Holy Fuck play overseas! With a name like that I thought they'd be banned. If White Cowbell Oklahoma plays in your area, go see them too.

    Mai 24 2008, 8h35
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