listen to the rain


Jul 2 2008, 14h29

I’m the rain, I rain over the world. I love to rain over the forest - the forest loves me and takes me into her, I fill her with life and she do it for me, too. I get in her spores and soil, I move up her veins and through her bodies and then she sends me away with a hot hug and love to my father and home - the Sky. I love to rain over the city too, the city needs me, I wash away his anger. I sometimes come unsuspectingly and pour over the dirty streets and large buildings, I calm the sounds, I give them quiet. I’m peace. I rain over the Earth, and then dance into her, we need each other like everything else in the nature. I rain over villages and towns, oceans and rivers, and sometimes in the wilderness, but mostly I’m interested in raining onto people. They’re the strangest creatures ever exist on the Earth, ever they feel me, they hide in their houses, they ran under shelters, some of them love to watch me, some of them love to feel me on their skin, some hate me – they say I make them feel sad, you know why? Because whenever they have to stay calm, to sit and listen me, they are alone, they have to think about the life, I’m life, they have to think about what they have done, what they had said to friends and enemies, who they have hurt, and who have hurt them, because the silence I bear, brings them meeting with themselves. But otherwise, those who love me, love peace, they need that 30 minutes of doing nothing except listen to the water, they need to stay calm for a while, to draw their minds into parallel lines. To stop the tv, to stop the computer and just listen to the rain.Terrapin


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