• quiz part deux

    Abr 21 2011, 21h45

    let's redo this quiz from years and years ago... as i haven't scrobbled much recently (due to me never plugging in my iphone and then when i do, itunes refuses to add the scrobbles), i'm going to use the top 20 from the last three months...

    Top 20 favourite artists (from last 3 months) according to my lastfm:

    1. weezer
    First song: buddy holly
    Fell in love with: tired of sex
    Current favorite: pink triangle

    2. elliott smith
    First song: sweet adeline
    Fell in love with: waltz #2 (xo)
    Current favorite: the enemy is you

    3. radiohead
    First song: creep
    Fell in love with: my iron lung
    Current favorite: killer cars

    4. ... and you will know us by the trail of dead
    First song: relative ways
    Fell in love with: mistakes and regrets
    Current favorite: halycon days

    5. jimmy eat world
    First song: bleed american
    Fell in love with: the whole ba album
    Current favorite: world is static

    (excepting chopin and handel)

    6. jeff buckley
    First song: hallelujah
    Fell in love with: lover, you should've come over
    Current favorite: everybody here wants you

    7. best coast
    First song: boyfriend
    Fell in love with: don't think i'm in love with them
    Current favorite: boyfriend

    8. the killers
    First Song: somebody told me
    Fell in love with: all these things that i've done
    Current favorite: read my mind

    9. iron & wine
    First song: upward over the mountain
    Fell in love with: woman king
    Current favorite: flightless bird, american mouth

    10. local natives
    First song: airplanes
    Fell In Love With: who knows, who cares
    Current favorite: world news

    11. kings of leon
    First song: molly's chamber
    Fell in love with: spiral staircase
    Current favorite: soft

    12. beach house
    First Song: wedding bell
    Fell In Love With: gila
    Current favorite:

    13. ryan adams
    First song: come pick me up
    Fell in love with: come pick me up
    Current favorite: my blue manhattan

    14. foo fighters
    First song: big me
    Fell in love with: everlong
    Current favorite: see you

    15. yeah yeah yeahs
    First song: maps
    Fell in love with: maps
    Current favorite: hysteric

    16. brand new
    First song: jude law and a semester abroad
    Fell in love with: all of your favourite weapon
    Current favorite: bed

    17. phoenix
    First song: lisztomania
    Fell in love with: lisztomania
    Current favorite: girlfriend

    18. okkervil river
    First song: for real
    Fell in love with: our so-called friend
    Current favorite: Love is a Fast Song

    19. guillemots
    First song: through the windowpane
    Fell in love with: made up lovesong #43
    Current favorite: trains to brazil

    20. frightened rabbit
    First song: modern leper
    Fell in love with: poke
    Current favorite: old old fashioned
  • 4 year anniversary

    Fev 16 2009, 20h16

    i just randomly noticed it's been four years since i started this thing.

    i've missed about two years worth of scrobbling plus everything i listen to outside my laptop since i either didn't have the net or couldn't be arsed to scrobble my ipod. and now it's broken and i'm too scared to take it to the apple shop lest they say it's dead. it has an elliott quote inscribed on it, damnit, it can't die.

    anyway. i will endeavour to listen to more stuff here. this thing is so skewed. i don't even like john frusciante that much, i just got into him in 2006 and scrobbled a mighty amount of tracks. i do like elliott smith that much though. and then some.
  • i freaking met brand new...

    Fev 14 2007, 3h52

    i met Brand New in cardiff on monday night after the show. they were all lovely guys.

    i spoke to jesse for a good 20 minutes and i nearly died.

    saw them again in london tonight. amazing performances.


    i love this band.
  • i died for you one time, but never again...

    Nov 18 2006, 16h22

    my copy of Brand New's The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me arrived today and i'm on my second listen already. love the artwork.

    it's strange to see a snapshot into (predominantly) jesse's mind from the last three years.

    Jesus Christ is my favourite at the moment. plus, perennially, Degausser and the build up in Limousine is killing me.

    Millstone and You Won't Know are extremely catchy.

    i'm not going to try and compare this to Deja Entendu as the themes are just so starkly different and it's clear that three years of heavy emotional turmoil have taken their effect out on jesse's songwriting.

    haven't figured out where i'm going to get the Sowing Season cds yet, not sure where in the uk is going to have it, if anywhere. Untitled 07 is one of my favourites so i would love to hear aloC-acoC.

    that tune and the reprise let me live in hope that somewhere out there they have remastered all the fight off your demons demos and that these will either be b-sides or leaked sometime in the future.

    i'm curious as to what the video for the single will be.

    still head over heels for this band <3
  • or maybe we willl tear you up, take what you love and burn it down... burn it down

    Nov 1 2006, 0h28

    Brand New have overtaken Jimmy Eat World in my overall artists. :o

    I'm worried about how re-obsessed I've become with them.
  • 21/10/03

    Out 22 2006, 22h12

    i made it through most of the studio albums thinking about you today.

    i had your name written on my left wrist.

    i will miss you forever.

    Elliott Smith <3
  • please ignore the lisp, i never meant to sound like this...

    Out 2 2006, 20h08

    damnit jesse, you're killing me.

    i was at this Brand New show. so good.

    i want sept 9th again.
  • i can't stop...

    Set 4 2006, 19h59

    listening to John Frusciante.

    this guy is so so so so sooooo awesome.

    i want every track that he has ever done like the tired played out cliche of a fat kid wanting cake.

  • boooo

    Ago 12 2006, 15h04

    now the scrobbling tactics have changed i can't upload my tracks played from my ipod.

    apparently it's being worked on (yay) but until then i will have hardly any plays because i don't really play stuff on my laptop anymore seeing as it's distorting everything. gay.
  • here if you want me

    Jun 19 2006, 18h11

    a 'new' elliott smith track leaked today, a studio demo of 'still here (if you want me)'/'dancing on the highway' (depending on which version you're talking about) titled 'here if you want me'

    it's beautiful

    i love that this stuff keeps getting leaked but goddamn do i get a lump in my throst every time i hear something 'new'

    i don't think i'll ever get over it