I never thought it would happen...


Abr 23 2006, 11h33


I would be ashamed if I wasn't so excited!


  • dsh1985

    Eeeeeeeeeee. It seems so surreal!

    Abr 23 2006, 14h24
  • jels

    i might be able to sell my extra tickets at work...

    Abr 24 2006, 12h18
  • dsh1985

    Cool! I phoned See yesterday about seating arrangements and they said I'd probably find out through the week.

    Abr 24 2006, 18h25
  • dsh1985

    I've found out my seats at Earls Court - Section B1. I hope it ain't too far back!

    Abr 25 2006, 21h13
  • jels

    have you found out about your other ones? i need to know about my b'ham ones cos i have people who want them

    Abr 28 2006, 12h32
  • dsh1985

    I already knew about my other seats because Ticketmaster told me at the time. My B'ham ones are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay at the back.

    Abr 28 2006, 15h57
  • jels

    how did you find out?

    Abr 29 2006, 14h59
  • dsh1985

    I checked the tracker on See for the London show.

    Abr 29 2006, 17h19
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