The Hypelist [Jan 11 - Jan 17]


Jan 15 2009, 1h42

Five songs I'm loving this week. Only it was really hard to settle on just one by Unkle Bob.

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats

Unkle Bob - Vagabond

Ken Oak Band - Cold Of December

The Slip - Suffocation Keep

Matt Nathanson - Angel



  • dream-singer

    I recently discover Matt Nathanson. Great!

    Jan 16 2009, 18h03
  • yara_gilmore

    Unkle Bob! Oh, bless you for putting them up there, they really deserve more attention.

    Jan 18 2009, 11h49
  • jochentje

    José Gonzalez is inderdaad zéér goed. En de rest ga ik even uitpluizen.

    Jan 18 2009, 14h21
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