• plane crash in c

    Mai 31 2006, 23h23

    Plane Crash in C is one amazing song. wow. i love the trumpet flourishes from the midpoint to the end. jenny's voice is on fire and the lyrics are phenomenal.

    "i have no idea whats going on lately, i just wish you would come over and explain things"

    who hasn't wanted to yell that at someone once in there lide?
  • snow patrol cancelled next 3-4 shows

    Mai 29 2006, 16h15

    Snow Patrol has cancelled the atlanta show and at least the next three. apparently the lead singer, gray lightbody, is sick. i am quite bummed as i have been looking forward to this show for a while.

    good thing i caught them at the loft last month.
  • why i love david gray

    Abr 29 2006, 17h13

    i remember the first time i heard David Gray. i was flipping around on mtv2 and came across his concert live at the point. i had no idea who this guy was, but when i heardThis Year's Lovei was memsmerized. i was recovering from my divorce and the song just hit me.

    over the years, many of david's songs have inspired or comforted me depending on what was going on in my life. when i fell in love again for the first time after the divorce, i would listen to Please Forgive Meand smile and feel good. when relationships have ended for one reason or another Gathering Dusthas always comforted me. and The Light from the album is an amazing tale of love.

    i happen to think that Gathering Dustis the vest song ever written. it's on A Century EndsFlesh.