• best/worst/not listened to 2006

    Jan 8 2007, 3h51

    here are things i've enjoyed from 2006, in no particular order:

    the coup - pick a bigger weapon
    partisan - sack of fear
    mtn gts - babylon springs/get lonely
    akron/family - meek warrior
    current 93 - black ships ate the sky
    melvins - (a) senile animal
    pink reason - 7"
    justin timberlake - futuresex/lovesounds
    sunn o))) & boris - altar
    boris - pink
    joanna newsom - ys
    jesu - silver
    liars - drums not dead
    two gallants - what the toll tells
    goodnight loving - cemetary trails
    espers - espers II
    wooden wand & the sky-high band - second attention
    xiu xiu - the air force
    om - conference of the birds
    six organs of admittance - the sun awakens

    stuff i never really got around to listening to but probably woulda liked:

    johnny cash - american v: hundred highways
    bob dylan - modern times
    converge - no heroes
    ghostface - fishscale
    destroyer - destroyer's rubies
    tv on the radio - return to cookie mountain
    sonic youth - rather ripped
    junior boys - so this is goodbye
    hold steady - boys and girls in america
    thermals - the body the blood the machine
    bruce springsteen - we shall overcome
    streets - hardest way to make an easy living
    shearwater - palo santo
    isis - in the absence of truth

    and albums i wanted to like, but mostly just left me cold:

    flaming lips - at war with the mystics
    mastodon - blood mountain
    bonnie prince billy - the letting go
    beck - the information
    tragedy - nerve damage
    neil young - living with war
    cat power - the greatest
    brightblack morning light - s/t