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  • babybugz1

    None of those dudes look close to NE. They might as well put that movie on lifetime with that cast lmao. They said the want the film to be like the Jacksons. I listened to cole whole interview.We got snowed but its clearing up now.

    Ontem 00:28 Responder
  • Isco91

    Why is there so much ghost and angela in the trailer..i hope season 2 aint all about them. Looks like he keeps messin with her after he finds out she the one of the feds too.

    27 Jan 23h13 Responder
  • babybugz1


    27 Jan 22h08 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Fans going in on Chris. That is really ridiculous when he had all that time to get his community service out of the way. Trey should just tour on his own or replace him. He shouldn't have to wait on chris. Yep we got the snow. I know some other concerts and events have been cancelled because of the snow in other cities. All it does is rain here. Did it rain a lot when you lived in B-more? Actually it has been confirmed that there will be a New Edition bio. I have no idea who could play them. I also don't keep up with the young up and coming black male actors. Who would you pick?

    27 Jan 20h04 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Their music is regular new school R&B music. Well no concert this week fucking chris brown got to finish his community service..I knew it lmao! He's not reliable at all. He fucking up Trey money too. The dates are postponed to a couple weeks. At least I got other concerts coming up.

    27 Jan 7h38 Responder
  • babybugz1

    I'm never nervous meeting new people. I'm especially never nervous being around guys, i'm good at sizing people up though lol. If i'm not feeling you, you will know. SMH I don't know about having a certain type of weed. I gotta study lmaoo.

    26 Jan 3h22 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Well i'm not sure if it's safer. It doesn't have any of the tar , tobacco etc that the real one does but it could cause some of the health risks if you do it frequently i'm sure. I do support it as a alternative though. I looked up the fake weed you mention and apparently it's way more harmful than the real stuff, so I better pass on that and wait to get the natural ha ha. Lupe album is good imo but man it seems you walk on pins and needles being around him. I think my manage is trying to put me on a blind date....lmao..he asked was I able to meet some people and I said i'm working on it and he had this big ass grin on his face and said okay I think I can work something out. I said you trying to hook me up with somebody and he said is that what you want with a smile and I was like I don't care just introduce me to somebody ha ha.

    26 Jan 1h13 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    he's a small dude. peter was begging for change? that sounds like a rumor! why are tiny & claudia beefing? i think phaedra is going through things in her personal life & had to take it out on someone who she perceived to be weak. demetria looked awkward on the stage & in the video for 100, but i think she can sing. i have to revisit the sequel of OB4CL. house of flying daggers goes hard! the whitney biopic was focused on bobby & whitney's relationship so for that reason it might have been better to name it that b/c it just comes off as a streamlined version of her life otherwise. bobby is portrayed as a supportive spouse in the biopic, which was interesting. black ink is going to be just as much of a mess as it was last season. i went to the shop before. there was a receptionist there. it was really quiet & none of those ppl who starred in the show were there. sorry to hear about that you didn't get those d'angelo tixs! have you ever seen him live before?

    25 Jan 7h36 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    after the make-under or post anaconda? derulo looks suspect. i can picture him wearing a satin cap when he goes to sleep. just saw the breakfast club interview. why would jordin even air out her dirty laundry like that? was that necessary? her publicist must have been on vacation! i didn't care for ciara's diss record either. the signs were all there. did you hear the braveheart album yet? lol @ "she needs to stop lying tho." i saw her in person. she is a incredible vocalist & dancer. she is recognizable, but i agree that something is different about her face/body but idk. so many artists have gone under the knife including her bandmate so why would she even hide it if that were the case? i did notice that she was roundabout in her response in both interviews by bringing up what other celebrities had done & ppl not scrutinizing them for it. cisco's babymomma is darkskinned with big breasts. lol @ your comment about chrissy. what about her blonde wigs?! chink reminds me of burg.

    25 Jan 7h34 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    what concerts are you planning to go to in the coming month(s)? lmao @ "our generation can't even do ratchet right." my thought exactly. mannie fresh was killing the game back then for sure. had to go back & listen to juvie's 400 degreez now that you mentioned it. lmao @ your comment about joey’s music: “I get images of Timbaland boots, Pelle Pelle jackets, Avirex jackets and baggy Tommy Hilfiger jeans while listening.” can't believe you mentioned pelle pelle & avirex *cackles* what language is young thug speaking? what aspects of yt do you find feminine? his flagrant femininity is coonish at best...i thought it could be culture-challenging, but hip-hop heads aren't the most open-minded listeners and he just comes across as aimless. did you notice that lupe had some ratchet-conscious styled records on t&y? i wonder if it's a mockery of the trap/ignant rap songs that's popular nowadays. i feel the same way about respect. since when did nicki become a sex symbol?

    25 Jan 7h32 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    the other tde members, sza, kendrick, school boy q, have all said some questionable things about racial matters from what i heard. maybe ppl shouldn't expect much from artists, particularly when it comes to social issues, since they're entertainers ultimately who are trying to make a living. i really don't understand white ppl/artists using the n word, especially knowing that most blks are not ok w them using it. i can't understand the ignorance. it's like volunteering to get slapped. lmao i still remember your night in harlem too! i see that ish all the time even in this frigid 10 degree weather. i can't imagine going through a corporate nightmare away from home. how did you keep it together? i think it would have broken me in some way, but then again, maybe it would have forced me to become stronger since i would have no one to depend on but myself. it's one of the moments when you sort of earn your stripes and really realize your strength.$800?! is it a studio? that's a bargain!

    25 Jan 7h26 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    this brandy 'two eleven' album is fire. did you listen to vulnicura already? i'm waiting to get the hard copy. i didn't expect her to be as vulnerable in the pitch4k interview. it seems she is also becoming more comfortable with being known as a feminist icon. i recall her saying years before that she didn't consider herself a feminist. that interview was fulfilling, no? she was so open. i always enjoyed the more meditative, emotional, sensual bjork so i'm excited to hear vulnicura, but i know you prefer the in-your-face dancey records (truthfully, i don't mind either ;)! i didn't hear phony ppl's new album. who are the mainstream artists who have been praising them? dido is perfect for late nights! her debut is subtle, but strong. i find her voice calming. ppl can be envious of one's confidence in the same way that they might be of more superficial qualities like one's looks. i agree with you about solo trips. it's an opportunity to really get to know yourself

    25 Jan 7h22 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Was lupe always like this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2UA4KdxGu4 I know he was battling depression for a while and went through a lot of label mess, but he seems so negative these days.

    23 Jan 23h00 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Where is a smoke shop downtown or near park heights area? E cigs have the nicotine but no tobacco. You basically smoke it like a real cigarette and there is a light that shows when you puff it and just blow the smoke out. I never mediated before, but I know it's popular among many.

    23 Jan 22h57 Responder
  • AtarashiSoul

    Hmmm... new music. Nothing too new. I've had The Code, Gordon Voidwell, Gwen Bunn, and ACME, on heavy rotation. Outside of that I'm trying to get back into my indie-folk music and start listening to a friend's recommendation, Fleet Foxes. From what I've heard, they sound pretty good :)

    23 Jan 20h26 Responder
  • babybugz1

    I do recommend e cigarettes since it's helping me stay alert this morning lmao. I'm so damn tired....

    23 Jan 15h21 Responder
  • babybugz1

    I'm under a lot of stress right now, so I need something to calm me down LOL. My co worker might hook me up with some. How did you pass your job random drug test when you smoked?

    23 Jan 15h11 Responder
  • babybugz1

    The book breaks down their style, influnces, RZA;s view on life and touch on religion as well. I tried a e-cig this morning, I like it, but I don't want to start smoking the real thing. I'm on my weed hunt lol.I guess I should wait until this CB concert and see if the kids got some or Iamsu concert. I found this but hmm http://webehigh.org/baltimore-md-maryland/

    22 Jan 14h32 Responder
  • babybugz1

    I honestly don't see myself becoming a major smoker if I do start..even with Liquor it's rare for me to drink. It's more like special occasion things.

    22 Jan 2h00 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Okay I need more answers on smoking so I will ask you lmfaoo..umm have you ever smoke hookahs or e cigars?

    22 Jan 1h27 Responder
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