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  • AtarashiSoul

    I will definitely go to AfroPunk next year in NYC! I have to be with my people! lol. And Cakes bumps hard! Did you see/hear his interview on Hot 97 with tacky ass Ebro? He held his own well. Electric Wire Hustle is cool. I'm keeping my opinion very general because I haven't given them that much of a listen to the point where a song has stuck with me. So overall I think they're cool. How is their new release? I've just been wrapped up in Doja Cat as of late. I'm a sucker for that Wavey/NyQuil music. Plus, she has a great voice and rapper's rhythm.

    Ontem 23:35 Responder
  • brandosoul

    You have to hear "Sticky Like Glue," "Lavaux," "Sea Of Everything" and "Future Soul Sound" from "20Ten." Definitely supreme future soul joints that P laid his magic on. I'm basically at the "wake me up when it drops" stage when it comes to D's new album. I had a discussion with a fellow comrade who made the suggestion that it would be sufficient if D' shelves the album, wait another 10 years, and release it as something of a "lost album." I really just don't know what's going to come from it. He is in a tough situation at this point, but the public is still anxious and indifferent all at once. The new James Brown biopic didn't really live up to the hype, but Chadwick Boseman did an captivating job. Honestly, the film seemed to cram Brown's five-decade career in a 2-hour film and it turned out to be big hodgepodge. It felt cheap too. I don't know the film's budget, but I was in shock really. However, a documentary on Brown will be premiering October 27th on HBO.

    Ontem 15:15 Responder
  • brandosoul

    Absolutely bro! In fact, the new material that has been revealed from "Art Official Age" is probably the most interesting stuff I've heard from P since "Breakfast Can Wait." As I've said before, 3rdEyeGirl has yet to grow on me immensely, so hopefully "PlectrumElectrum" does something for me. "Art Official Age" will be sure to appease the R&B crowd thoroughly. Specifically, if one enjoyed albums like "Musicology," "3121," and "20Ten," they will find plenty to love on "AOA," and I can assume this just from the samples I've heard so far. I appreciate P's knack for employing experimental R&B in his sound and bringing a mature edge to it. He is still the father for what we consider today as PBR&B, or alternative soul, so he has a lot to prove to his fellow students and comrades. "20Ten" and "MPLSound" were very much cut from a strong alternative soul influence, yet they both used elements of his former Minneapolis sound.

    Ontem 14:50 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Have you listened to this dude? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUDTtWBR3KU I died at how the lady looked at him when he said he was a hairdresser. LMAO!

    Ontem 06:04 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Wow at you saying I feel like CG is everything Kanye wanted to be .that koolaid taste good huh? lmao. I might agree as far as intelligence, but not musically. He's clearly influence by kanye, so I guess he don't mind him too much. Okay Raury has a lot of potential, he could improved in some things, but i'm going to keep my eye on this kid. I'm watching his recent interviews now. Yeah I watched Love and Hip Hop. I will be watching this season.

    Ontem 04:15 Responder
  • MusicIsKeji

    I also wanted to give Childish Gambino's music a chance. I have yet to listen to the new SBTRKT or EWH because I have been so busy recently. I do hope I am not disappointed with EWH tho.

    16 Set 3h02 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Is Raury worth downloading? I'm not drinking Childish koolaid just because of the interview, i'm not influence as easily as you lmao! I don't hate him, I did find some songs catchy, but I'm not into him like that. I believe Jhene was marketed as a female drake in the beginning. I would probably listen to a collabo album from them, They work well together.

    15 Set 3h23 Responder
  • babybugz1

    I don't like childish, so I don't really check for his fashion lol. His vibe etc are usually things I like in some of my favorite artists, but I'm in the middle with him. I think Chris album maybe good for the gym. With jhene I feel at times the songs run into each other, so they can be redundant, but i'm going to listen again. I still love the worst out of her songs.

    14 Set 8h08 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    but should i give it a listen? did jhene live up to the hype? raury's music is dope! i listened to indigo child & was really impressed by the diversity, genre-bending sounds and mature subject matters. he's obv inspired by a lot of current and former artists yet it's not imitative rather it's really distinct. all in all, his sound is fresh. apparently kanye is going to be working w/ him. this shall be interesting smh. where is this kid from btw? for a teenager, his music is quite sophisticated.

    14 Set 4h44 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    lol @ "the Norwoods seem like a nice, respectable (outside of Ray, of course).." how old is dude? he's still playing games. this might be off topic, but i listened to majiid jordan tonight and it's sounds so much better @ night. the tapes have such a sexy, chill, nocturnal vibe to it. i got to kitty cash. i'm not sure if she's a legit dj, but i found some nice tracks on her tapes & i'm looking forward to hearing more of her selections. i also liked the intro w/ kilo i've been really vibing out this doja song. apparently she's affiliated w/ saint heron. she has more conviction than your girl kilo! this track is raw yet sensual, love that dream koala's beat. https://soundcloud.com/doja-cat/no-police_purrr_ep she kinda reminds me of noname gypsy. what do you think?all of jhene aiko songs sound the same as well as the subject matter imo so i'm not even gonna pretend that i was even semi interested in her debut.

    14 Set 4h37 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    music has really gone down hill if ever you needed an example. lol as immortal tech said, "going platinum has nothing to do w/ luck, it just means that a million ppl are stupid as fuck." apparently, she was denied the opportunity to speak to kids at her h.s. recently. you're totally right about ariana & the formulaic nature of pop music - what was i thinking! she has to go from a good-girl to bad. it's just sad that this is always the progression of most female artists.jos didn't look well...her face was also sweaty. it was sad. where were her parents throughout her life? i think stevie is detrimental to her (& vice versa), but of course woc continue to choose these types of men then wonder why they're in so much distress. i think ray is semi-cute, but he's a dog so i can't take him seriously. i'm probably one of the few who've never seen his tape w/ kim. teairra seems like the kind of chick to pop off, k-michelle style. what did you think of k's beef w/ elle varner btw?

    14 Set 4h33 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    & why are people in the league "praying for his wife & him to work it out." ? did they see the same video we saw?? but you're right..it's not just ray rice...there are men in the league & beyond ie police who are engaged in similar activity & are never reprimanded. i'm going to listen to swv's comeback! i happen to catch an episode of their reality show on we & i thought they were hilarious! especially the re-cap show where they were commenting on the episode. i totally agree with you about new zealanders. i didn't realize prince had new singles. i clocked out after "breakfast can wait" though i really liked the song. lmao @" In predictable fashion, he removed them from his Soundcloud page." typical. he's so temperamental. i didn't hear cassie's voice at all in that song. it's all solo! i refuse to think otherwise. anaconda is such a horrifically tacky song for sure. i can't believe that shit is helping her to break music records!

    14 Set 4h30 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    i like how awkward he is & i love the music, the hair & dancing. is he even into girls.. seems pretty clandestine, no? i haven't really delved into le sins, but i saw a live performance where he played some songs from the project. yesss - james blake's music sounds phenomenal live, doesn't it?! if he goes on tour, i will not pass that opportunity up. as for the ray rice scandal, yet another example of male privilege in sport. i was disgusted to see him punching his wife. only a bitchass man would feel the need to overpower a woman w/ his fist. then he dragged her out of the elevator like a rag doll, which was even more scary. while i understand his wife is probably going through some type of stockholm syndrome, how can she be upset w/ the media for making her relive the beatdown when she is the one who chose to relive the incident everyday by marrying him? am i missing something j, what is wrong w/ ppl in the world.

    14 Set 4h28 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    do you mean these kinds of weights? http://www.myownbalance.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Barre-weights.jpg i decided to cut sugar, flour & other junk out of my diet, but i think i might actually need to start eating some of the things i cut out since i'm losing weight, which wasn't my goal at all. spin cycle is a joke. they have a water cycling training, which is at least more sensible as a workout. zumba is equally questionable. are you talking about karrachue? when was she on baldwin hills - i missed her on that. the other day, they had 'college hill' on out of the blue - you remember that show? bet really failed at emulating the non-black productions that inspired the aforementioned. i want to get some boat shoes, but fall is right around the corner. are you ready for colder weather? i will see if i can snag those jessie tixs. i wonder what her fanbase is like. i find toro strangely alluring! i like how awkward he is & i love the music, the hair & dancing.

    14 Set 4h25 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    there's nothing to do there except go to the coffee shop. the only thing exciting about westchester county that i can think of right now is the shopping mall/area & i've seen better. it's very residential, suburban-like. i would much rather stick to cities where there's more to do & it's easier to get around. i will always be up for black apparel. but i feel the need to be plainer, simpler and more effortless in my fashions & life overall. bk circus is too expensive though. i'm sure there are alternatives, if you search around. i'll let you know if i find anything that might interest you. i'm more into urban chic on a guy..not all the way cool w/ the dandy look & i'm not a fan of bowties (lol), but the s.e. guys do have impeccable taste. i guess anything is better than a dude w/ his pants sagging w/ his ass out so let me not complain lmao. p.s. i've actually seen a dude w/ his ass out, not sure he was aware that his boxers were down, but my eyes were not the same after that!

    14 Set 4h20 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    it's all just taking a lot longer than i imagined since i'm not making nearly as much as i thought i would to set aside for a move so we'll see. i'm actually shocked that you found anything in fort greene for ~$800. that sounds too good to be true. sunset park is actually pretty cool, but not as vibrant of an area as fg. what do you do at dive bars if you don't drink? i like the idea of having games @ a bar. i went to a bar like that before & it was fun except for the drunk college kids, which seem to always ruin the vibe. lol @ "asian chicks were playing competitively at the bar." transportation here can be shitty at best, but i wouldn't get a car in nyc. it's not a necessity. i just think dc is just as expensive if not more, but at least they have decent efficiencies. even nyc studios are pricey. have you ever stayed @ a hostel before? i will def let you know if/when i go to dc. would oct/nov be a good time? lmao @ your comment about syracuse & ithaca.

    14 Set 4h15 Responder
  • alicen1daland

    ditto @ " what if those same very relatives just bring you down?" it's seems so simple, right? someone is negative towards you - just let them go. but it took me a while to acknowledge it & accept that i have to sever some ties--without feeling bad about it. i always felt like i had this obligation to put up with certain things. but t i will never achieve what i want to achieve if i listen to them or wait around for them to change. also,some ppl in my life, really don't want to better themselves so i'm done wasting my time convincing them & will instead focus on my damn self. yea we've talked about it before, but i was planning to save and bounce for all the reasons you listed, but also b/c i need to learn to be on my own...i feel like i haven't grown into the woman i want to be. too many judgmental, naysayers around and my environment is not freeing/inspiring or maybe i just need to take a break from it idk.

    14 Set 4h09 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Tinashe album, Jeremih album and some others I heard were dropping. It's not really people that i'm fans of, but I may listen.

    14 Set 2h56 Responder
  • babybugz1

    Is the script inside the album? I have the physical copy, but didn't really look through the booklet. I had a feeling that you would like Childish Gambino interview LOL! He seems like your type of people. Jeezy album wasn't bad tbh. I still prefer his older music though. The first episode leaked? It premieres this monday right? I really think what's best for me is to meet some new people here instead of being in my family face all day. I was in better moods when I was hanging out with random people that I wasn't related to. I decided to put the family drama off my plate and focus on being happy again. DC would be a nice little vacation.

    14 Set 2h54 Responder
  • babybugz1

    I don't know who Omarion is manage by. Is he still with Rick Ross? Okay that's good to know. I'm going to try to find a hotel near the verzion center. I'm about to listen to jeezy album now. It seemed to be a lot of R&B releases dropping this fall.

    12 Set 2h09 Responder
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