the ebb and flow of stress - for training the mind

try listening to this as you play poker, chess, or starcraft - for extended periods of time - and if you feel like you're going insane, it's working, because in order for something to be strengthened it's got to take a bit of a beating first, whether it's your insanity, your skill, your love or anything that takes strength of mind and spirit.
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1 Pink FloydA Saucerful of Secrets 11:54
2 Mother MotherChasing It Down Loved track 4:11
3 Crystal CastlesKnights 3:14
4 Philip GlassPruit Igoe Loved track 7:03
5 Philip GlassThe Grid Loved track 14:56
6 RadioheadCreep Loved track 3:55
7 Death GripsBeware download gratuito Loved track 5:51
8 Saxon ShoreNothing Changes download gratuito Loved track 6:34
9 Gustav HolstMars, the Bringer of War 7:57
10 RadioheadBloom 5:14
11 Cannibal OxReal Earth Loved track 3:57
12 Mr. BungleArs Moriendi Loved track 4:09

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