The Stadium Arcadium Project


Jan 7 2009, 19h45

Stadium Arcadium, the Red Hot Chili Peppers most recent LP, was originally planned to be released as a three-album series over a year's time. The Stadium Arcadium b-sides, later released on the Dani California, Tell Me Baby and Snow ((Hey Oh)) EPs, were to be included with the album releases on these albums.

In mixing the album, the band members and producer Rick Rubin decided to release a double-album with 28 tracks, subtracting 10 tracks that were scheduled to be released originally.

As many fans may agree, there are some great tracks on Stadium Arcadium (and the b-side EPs) but there is little coherence or flow to the album. It is essentially a randomly ordered set of musical indulgences for the Chili Peppers.

After acquiring the b-sides, I thought it would be interesting to throw them into the mix and split the tracks between three playlists, essentially creating my own three-album release. The following is what I came up with. If anyone else has already done this, feel free to share. Otherwise, I encourage you do do so, and share the results!

Album 1: "Storm In A Teacup"
1. Storm in a Teacup
2. Snow ((Hey Oh))
3. Wet Sand
4. Make You Feel Better
5. 21st Century
6. Million Miles Of Water
7. C'mon Girl
8. Torture Me
9. Funny face
10. If
11. So Much I

Album 2: Slow Cheetah
1. Readymade
2. Slow Cheetah
3. Hump de Bump
4. A Certain Someone
5. Especially in Michigan
6. Hey
7. Whatever We Want
8. Hard to Concentrate
9. She Looks to Me
10. Animal Bar
11. We Believe
12. Turn It Again

Album 3: Death Of A Martian
1. Dani California
2. Lately
3. Charlie
4. I'll Be Your Domino
5. Stadium Arcadium
6. She's Only 18
7. Strip My Mind
8. Warlocks
9. Mercy Mercy
10. Desecration Smile
11. Death of a Martian


  • Sockhead360

    thats cool ill have to reorder my p-list to this and see how it flows good work!

    Abr 2 2010, 4h26
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