• Great at playing, or good playing with others; are they musically mutually-exclusive?

    Ago 19 2010, 1h59

    It occurs to me that the music within which most "great" musicians play is not much more than accompaniment. Is this too critical (or naive)? Are there pieces of music out there that REALLY good musicians contribute to that are outstanding as a whole and are balanced so as not to sound like background sounds for one musician to riff on? Most importantly, can groups of master musicians make pieces of music, let's call them "songs" for lack of a more universal term, that make a unique statement? There are, of course, bands made up of virtuosos, but what they produce often (if not always...) does not sound like pieces of music, but rather a collection of simultaneous musical expressions that sound more like practice exercises at best, and chest-pounding at worst. It looks (sounds) to me like a phenomenon similar to that of the behavior of "all-star" teams in sports.
  • Appeal for musically-significant cultural information (esp. branding)

    Ago 6 2010, 23h02

    In the U.S. for instance, Gibson and Fender have a monopoly on the good press about quality instruments (guitars). When I lived in Germany, I noticed that most musicians were not playing "American" equipment. As you may know, cultural sensitivity (or cultural knowledge, for that matter) is not a current strength of the average American. I assume that at least many of you are here on because of your passion for music and perhaps for the musicians who create it. So what do you know about non-American instruments, and more importantly, cultural phenomena about popular music in your country?
  • Public Question #1

    Ago 2 2010, 23h23

    Should alcohol be reserved for people who can afford to lose a few brain cells?