Best of 2007


Jan 14 2008, 4h23

My first journal entry might as well be a best of this past year, stuff that I got into. Safari just crashed on me and deleted a massive post so I will start small and go from there.

1. Wilco Sky Blue Sky Although I really liked the frenzied guitars on the past two albums, I certaintly came to appreciate the more melodious aspects of this album and the more subdued guitar flashes kept restrained throughout.

2. Steve Earle Washington Square Serenade Another solid effort, I also got I Feel Alright this year and really enjoy just about everything he does.

3. Guy Clark The Essential Guy Clark My first introduction to Clark was at a singer-songwriter concert with {artist]Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt and Joe Ely, which was immensely enjoyable. I already was a big Lyle fan, had some Hiatt stuff, but had to get some Clark and really have enjoyed this album.

4. Lyle Lovett It's Not Big It's Large Another great CD from Lyle, has some songs that remind me of My Baby Don't Tolerate, but it has much more Gospel and bluegrass tones that I really have enjoyed.

5. Ryan Adams Easy Tiger After getting into Adams by listening to Jacksonville City Nights, I have increasingly wanted more of his stuff and got his latest release. I really like Two and Everybody Knows, but it is a solid effort overall (but not as good as Jacksonville City Nights for me).

6. White Stripes Icky Thump Just a fun album that I have really enjoyed, I had gotten some of their albums before and they never stuck but I have finally enjoyed this one, so maybe it's time to go back and retry some of the others.

7. Lucinda Williams West Not quite as good as some of her previous albums, however those are incomparable so we'll just have to acknowledge that. I really resonated with Mama You Sweet, and especially like the opener Are You Alright? and Fancy Funeral

8. Grinderman Grinderman Just some great, raunchy rock and roll.

9. Guster Ganging Up on the Sun


  • jcshepard

    I was really disappointed in West. After many spins, it just didn't stick. I guess I expect more from Lucinda as songwriter and singer. Lyle's album has grown on me, though. It would be nice if he could get a good radio cut to spur interest, yet his last couple albums have been good at what he's trying to do with 'em.

    Jan 15 2008, 19h10
  • RandyB1961

    I agree about West, JC. Although there a couple of songs I really like on the album, as a whole I just couldn't warm to it. I loved Icky Thump, Easy Tiger, Sky Blue Sky and Washington Square Serenade; all of them wound up on my Top Ten for 2007.

    Mar 26 2008, 2h54
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