So underrated as to be invisible


Jun 23 2007, 1h38

Just listened to Poe's Haunted. I discovered her three or four years ago at Radio Paradise, an excellent and eclectic internet radio station. I end up hearing more new stuff I like that I've never heard of at that station. It's worth it to you to check that site out and support them.

Anyway, Poe. I heard Haunted and bought the album the next day. She's got an incredibly rich voice. If you visit her web site, which is a confusing mess in my opinion, she mentions some sort of contractual fight with her record company that has prevented her from recording. This is the reason she hasn't produced anything new in the last 7 years.

That's rather sad. Poe is an artist who should be encouraged to produce as much new material as possible.


  • xuelee

    If you love Poe's voice, you might want to check out some of her contributions to Conjure One's albums. :)

    Jun 23 2007, 13h02
  • javaffreek

    Been meaning to.

    Jun 25 2007, 2h08
  • jadedingenue

    I agree that she is so incredibly underrated! I miss her! Her record company doesn't know what they're talking about and she should just release something independently already.

    Jul 15 2007, 9h49
  • origamicreature

    Completely agree. I miss her as well.

    Jul 23 2007, 13h14
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