School of Seven Bells @ Hailey's


Out 11 2010, 22h18

Fri 8 Oct – School of Seven Bells, Active Child

I am sorry to say that this was one of the most disappointing shows I have ever attended. The sound at Hailey's was beyond abysmal; The guitars were cranked so loud & fuzzed out so badly that you couldn't really hear chord progressions or the tracked-in synths (yeah, no live synths). Alejandra didn't stay close enough to the mic, and her vocals kept warbling in and out. It was like listening to a deafening boombox from behind a deafening white noise machine. Also, Claudia was inexplicably missing.

SVIIB is not a band that can crank it up to 11 and call it a job well done. The music is nuanced and complex, and the lack of audible synths or harmonies just killed the songs.

I had been looking forward to this show for months. I love this band. So, so disappointing.

Also, Active Child may be a good band, but I wouldn't know from their set. Their sound was also muddy and way too loud. All the lows and highs were trimmed into white noise. I was bored out of my mind.


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