Music and the Internet


Mai 25 2009, 16h06

There's so much music out there - lots of good and even more bad. New bands starting up every day, bursting with passion and creativity, most lasting for just a short time. These bands leave their marks on the world, potentially living forever thanks to the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-remembering world wide web. As a music lover I want to know them all, or least the (subjective) good ones. Not just the new ones either. Whole scenes came and went before I was paying attention. So many great C86 bands I'm just discovering like Shop Assistants. So many british post-punk bands that only lasted an album or two like Altered Images. More recent noise pop bands like Henry's Dress. The internet and make it so simple to discover these amazing bands from past and present. So I login to my account, check out what bands my neighbors are listening to, most of which I know and love (we're neighbors after all) but usually a couple I've never heard of. Then it's just a matter of following the links to listen online. Then if I like what I hear head down to my local record store to pick up a CD or three to properly support the band (and the record store Reckless Records Chicago).
I'm feeling really appreciative this morning. Thanks to all my neighbors and friends on for introducing me to some really great bands. You probably didn't even know you helped me out :-)