My First Un-Official TMBG CD.


Dez 2 2007, 7h15

Well, I always seem to make a journal when I can't sleep. Today, I found my first They Might Be Giants CD, one that my brother burned for me back in 2004-2005. Ah, the memories. I thought I'd give you guys the tracklisting. It's kind of cool to think that these were all the TMBG songs I had up till March'06 when I found "A User's Guide To They Might Be Giants" in a CDPlus downtown. How I ever survived with out TMBG, I'll never know. Well, here they are. Feel free to take notice that some of them aren't even by TMBG.

1-Minimum Wage
2-Am I Awake?
3-Exquisite Dead Guy
4-Birdhouse in Your Soul
5-Bastard Wants To Hit Me
6-Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes
7-Boss of Me
9-Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
12-Experimental Film
13-Stalk Of Wheat
14-Broke In Two
15-Your Racist Friend
16-Why Does The Sun Shine? (Live STD)
17-Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
18-Particle Man
19-Doctor Worm
20-It's Kickin' In
21-Puttin' on the Ritz- Taco
22-Ana Ng
23-Hot Cha
24-Don't Let's Start
25-Clap Your Hands
26-The Famous Polka
27-Man, It's So Loud in Here
28-Damn Good Times
29-Spiderman- Moxy Früvous
I love how it's basically what would happen if Flood and The Spine ever exploded into eachother, and both of those albums are among my favourites (right after John Henry, ofcourse). My favourite memory of this CD is one time I was walking home from work in a snow storm, and my mom pulled up next to me on the road to drive me the rest of the way, and I actually got mad at her, because I wanted to listen to my discman. Damn Good Times.


  • AnaAerophina

    All pretty good songs. Plus 'Am I Awake?' and 'Nothings Gonna Change My Cloths' are both songs that I still regret waiting so long to hear, so it's cool you got to hear both early in your fandom. Why are there songs in there that aren't TMBG? Did Phil think they were TMBG or somethign?

    Dez 3 2007, 23h31
  • zouljiin

    This is win. Of course, anything TMBG takes the trick, but the fact that Taco's Puttin' On The Ritz is in there is AMAZING.

    Dez 4 2007, 5h30
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