• 100,000 Tracks Played

    Jul 19 2007, 13h59

    Wow, that's a lot...
  • 80,000 Tracks Played

    Abr 3 2007, 2h43

    Well today, April the 2nd, I've hit 80,000+ plays on Last.FM! Just think, 20k more and I'll be at 100,000!
  • Celebrating 18 years...

    Abr 2 2007, 7h50

    w00t! I'm 18 now. :)
  • New Music Tuesday [July 25th]

    Jul 29 2006, 8h38

    Breaking Benjamin’s single, “The Diary of Jane,” appeared on iTunes this Tuesday. Although many of you may have heard this song already (perhaps on the band’s myspace), you now have the opportunity to purchase it from iTunes.

    Next up, Metallica has (finally) been added to the iTunes Music Store’s catalog. This is obviously a major accomplishment, since Metallica has been known to sue online music distributors (and lose fans at the same time!). Regardless, Metallica is still considered one of the most influential bands in the genre of metal (speed metal, thrash metal, whatever you want to call it, it’s still a form of metal), and so the addition thereof will definitely be beneficial to iTunes, and now thankfully I can download Metallica songs I’m interested in instead of purchase full albums and only enjoy a few songs by them.

    Sammy Hagar (and the… Wabos?) released a solo album called “Livin' It Up!” as well. Apparently it’s slightly countrified and much softer and more mild than Sammy’s work with the good ole’ Van Halen guys. I can’t say much (and I’m definitely not buying this album), since I’m more of a fan of Van Halen than any of Van Halen’s singers, but I found it interesting that Sammy is still singin’.

    Oh, speaking of the Van Halen guys, it’s recently come to my attention that their first vocalist, David Lee Roth, actually became part of the band because Van Halen was renting some of his equipment. By allowing him to join the band, Van Halen eliminated the renting expenses (because David put the equipment to use for the benefit of the band he just became a part of). I found that humorous and intruiging.
  • New Website

    Jul 22 2006, 2h52

    I've been using this blog off and on for personal reasons, but I've decided to expand my writing somewhat and build a full-fledged web site out of it. The result is Slightly Amusing, my personal weblog on entertainment, food, industry, economics and more (yes, that includes music). So come on over, and check it out.

    Also, for those of you (all ten... wait, no one reads any of this!) afraid that I'll never write in this AS journal again, fear not. All the music-related entries I post at Slightly Amusing will appear here at Last.FM.
  • New Music Tuesday, Shows Up Thursday

    Mai 25 2006, 15h52

    On Tuesdays, iTunes is supposed to update the iTunes Music Store. Sometimes, like this week, that update doesn't come until Thursday (and I still haven't gotten the email reminder). I guess this means Apple is experiencing unparallelled success, but one can only hope!

    Anyway, new music that's worth noting this week comes from Live and Dashboard Confessional. Live's new album sounds okay, but definitely the most poppy they've ever written. I'm not too crazy about the poppy sound, but the song "The River" isn't terrible anyway. On the confessional side of things, I really liked Vindicated, but their new single "Don't Wait" is too slow and melancholy. Other than that, there's nothing worth paying attention to this week.
  • My AS Journal

    Mai 17 2006, 5h43

    Okay, I'm going to start using this journal now, more to document things for myself than to get any readership whatsoever. (I doubt I'll capture the attention of more than a few monkeys and a troll, but you never know.)

    Basically the intended purpose for my starting to use this journal is for myself: to remind myself of music that's come out recently, to put thoughts/reviews of songs, artists, or bands, and to keep up with new and old bands alike, including news and other excess information. This first post is going to be mostly scattered miscellany, so here I go.

    First, today on the radio the first hit song by Evanescence, Bring Me to Life, was played twice on two different stations. I knew something was up, and sure enough, the announcer said that in October they will be releasing a new album. It will be interesting to hear what they sound like.

    Also, this evening, I checked the iTunes Music Store and found that Hoobastank's new album, Every Man For Himself, came out. Although I haven't bought it yet and we all know that 30-second previews are unjust, my first impressions are that it's decent and their sound has changed somewhat (excluding the single, If I Were You, which sounds like it belongs on The Reason). The song "Look Where We Are" has a very interesting guitar solo.

    And that's about it. I guess I'll be writing lots more in the days to come, documenting my thoughts on music and music news, and maybe a few fun things along the way as well.