a laugh and a half alternative amazing ambient angriest album ever angry angst anti depressant attitude awesome awesome album awesome solo badarse beautiful bliss bubbly chillax cue imminent head asplosion due to high win factor daft punk dark de ja vu defiant demonic solo dense depressing electronica emotional epic epic indie experimental frusciantism fuck just fuck fucking amazing fucking amazing solo fucking awesome fucking awesome solo fucking fearsome fucking insane solo funk guitar god happy non-depressing songs haunting he sounds not at all like sting hell yeah horrible live i cannot express my emotion for this song i had to change my pants after this song i see what you did there inspiring intense is a winner longing love making your heart stop masterpiece mellow metal niandra lades and usually just a t-shirt odd one of the best albums ever written panic at the disco possibly the greatest blues solo ever recorded potent prepare a skin graft from my ass because this song just melted my face off probably angry queen rainy raw real music rescue workers sad scary falsetto simply beautiful smooth stay with me struggle supermassive black hooooooooooooooooooooooole sving din hammer sweet the best album ever the best falsetto album the best song ever the most fucked up song ever they try to build the prison for you and me this song is made of fucking win this track is made of fucking win throat cancer transcends talent twisted unexpectedly awesome unstoppable uplifting where the streets have no name wtf you cannot be sirius