• Lost tracks and sinking level

    Jan 24 2013, 12h05

    Jan., 15th I got the Error message

    Radio error 1003: Ungültige Autorisation.

    Streamer error code: 403
    Reason: Forbidden

    Nine hours later, after restart, the trackcounter was sunk from 64k to 15k
    My level on sunk from 62 to 38

    I ask and the fast answer - thanks to knapster01 - was:

    "Your playcount has been restored.
    This was a caching bug, and will normally rectify itself within 24 hours."

    That's right, and all was ok

    Eight days later, short before midnight, one moment to the other
    I missed 22k on scrobbles and the level fell from 63 to 55

    Twelve hours later all was normalized, counter and level was right


    - keep cool,
    - do not get upset,
    - take a cup of coffee / tea,
    - time will heal it

    Have a happy listening