Radio Playlist 1/20/06


Jan 23 2006, 12h22

Low - monkey
The Smiths - what difference does it make?
Clear Lake - it's getting light outside
William Shatner - common people (pulp cover)
13 Ghosts - ain't it low
Lucero - ain't so lonely
Warren Zevon - hit somebody! (the hockey song)
Ryan Adams - 29
Riverboat Gamblers - sparks & shots
The Jam - in the midnight hour
Ramones - strength to endure
The Vandals - my neck, my back
The Scuffs - poor kids
The Briefs - silver bullet
The Gravel Pit - new haven
Frick - battery
Folly - IRS
Stiff Little Fingers - doesn't make it alright (the specials cover)
Madcap - going on the road
Avail - fifth wheel
The Welch Boys - sink or swim
US Bombs - ballad of sid
The Damaged - nightmare
The Generators - down in the city
The Godawfuls - 1979
Confront - i want to say
UK Subs - brand new age
Roger Miret & The Disasters - janie hawk
Good Riddence - one for the braves
The Briggs - waiting in the shadows
The Boils - it won't stop
Born To Lose - worst day (of the rest of my life)
Bombshell Rocks - tonight i'm burning
Face to Face - don't turn away
Rancid - the bottle
the gc5 - the long goodbye
GBH - leather coffin
Ramallah - if i die today
Doa - masters of war (bob dylan cover)
The Shods - never gonna be like you
The Go-Nuts - i see the mona lisa (in my pepperoni pizza)
Bouncing Souls - lamar vannoy (live version)
Necromantix - curse of the coffin
Reverend Horton Heat - the octopus mode
Mad Sin - sacred ole heart


  • u2popmofo

    Haha, I had your journal on my recommended reading list. I opened it not knowing it was you who wrote the entry. Funny stuff. Good call with Low, Clearlake, BS, Smiths, Shatner, Ryan Adams, etc. Well done.

    Jan 23 2006, 22h23
  • iwasbored

    Haha, that is rather amusing. Thanks.

    Jan 24 2006, 4h55
  • HeartlandGirl

    Great songs by Low and Ryan Adams there. *thumbs up*

    Jan 25 2006, 3h40
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