• sxsw diary!!!

    Mar 24 2009, 2h44

    Hey "y'all"

    I just got back from SXSW!!!!! What a blast. Here is a summary of what happened. if it is too long, you can just read my TWITTER yayayaya

    met my ex-chicago-bestie/current-austin-bestie lauren (& her mom) at the airport, and we got dropped off and immediately saw Beach House, what a way to start! they are good except the lead singer lady looks kind of like my mom in yearbook pictures so i don't like them.

    we ate wendy's. i had a chicken sammy, fries, and vanilla frosty

    went to a 8-bit show but it was WAI 2 COSPLAY so we gtfo. pj fed me vodka

    went to a house party and saw a very great band called French Miami, but the keg ran out!!!! i was heart broken, but then we found an undiscovered trash can half full of ice and pbr tall boys!!!!!!!!?? that is when i decided that austin is actually heaven

    got drunk, made new friens etc. fell asleep

    lauren's mom made a delciious breakfast. i made "pigs in a blanket," with ginger pancakes and lil weenies

    new friend maeghan's car broke and lauren's dad taught me how to jump a car. he is very kind, but he is serious and manly and looks like guile, so i fear him.

    got downtown. saw Parenthetical Girls, whom i had never heard but now LOVE. i am crushing so much on the lead singer, and sort of the girl. they're the two in the middle. i talked to him later in the week on the street and omg.

    saw oh no oh my, pretty ave.

    saw Titus Andronicus and Ponytail at urban outfitterssss! titus i had seen twice before, and they are always great, cuz the lead singer gets so sweaty, and the drummer looks like bill murray in caddyshack i think. ponytail i had never seen before, and wohaha, check them out. the drummer is the best drummer i have ever seen in my life (no joke!) and the lead singer and the azn guy are soooo funny. ari <3'd them 2.

    i forget what else i did that day. oh i think i saw Handsome Furs and Blitzen Trapper that day. it was ok!

    this day was fun

    i think this was the day dan & i met hro-undies-celeb @ urban outfitters. guy on the right. i resent him, because there is a very similar pic of me & a certain altbro of mine also floatin around on the internet. this guy was totally unappreciateive of being blogged about, too. h8 him.

    drank rum/coke via dan and had nutty banana via einsteins and 'rocked out' w/ my favorite band the mae shis. told the bassist they were my fave band evar and we had a nice convo

    went across the street and saw titus andronicus again who are always rly awesome

    then The Mae Shi ended up playing there right afterwards so i saw them again. said hey to the bassist again, cuz we are bros and all

    went to emo's, saw Woods and Wavves. both good!

    got separated from my friends for like three hours, so i roamed around all alone and did these things:
    1) ran into a Fanfarlo (?) show, which was really good
    2) saw J Mascis do a guitar solo for all eternity which was cool enough
    3) got my pic taken for a fashion blog (was waerin a turquoise/lavender shirt buttoned real low, jeans rolled up, fanny pack, dirt--very 2k9/10. didn't get the web address, gonna search flickr 4 the rest of my lyfe lookin 4 this pic)
    4) got called a fggt by some dude on the street, saw him later on the street when i was in the car, and we waved. i think we're bros now?
    5) chatted it up w/ azn healthbro-- he's nice, he repped cleveland real hard when i said i saw him play there. said we 'get down' or somethin
    6) this is when i ran into parenthetical grlz guy. i really panicked so i didn't talk to him that much, but i got a few syllables in. he has a rly high voice.

    mae's car broke again and we had to push it backwards thru an intersection to a free parking space so she didn't get towed. it was very "dazed & confused" or "fast times @ ridgemont high" or "2fast2furious"

    saw Marnie Stern & Health. the guy who owned the place they were playing (old man w/ red apron) went and unplugged health 1/2 way thru their set, it was rly funny. the not-azn singer from health hugged him

    got rly tired, bonded w/ tyler, drank sum more rum, watched ppl play tony hawk pro skater 2 or 3, went to sleep

    went to a big park, saw Cursive, Vivian Girls, Thermals, Crystal Antlers, Japanther. cursive played only ugly organ songs and was rly tight. crystal antlers has a beautiful person named "sexual chocolate" in their band who is great to watch. japanther is super awesome live, try to see them

    ate mellow mushroom pizza w/ friend alex

    night time, i walked around the capitol bulding all alone, cuz i had all my luggage with me (switching from staying with lauren to other friend ali, you see) listening to Black Lips in the distance. very magical

    met w/ ali, aurora & mk: i bought jumex (pronounced jew mex) mango juice and was gr8. aurora said it tasted liek olives

    bought some beers (lone star, ya!) from a gas station. a minivan packed w/ nine or so young black gentlemen pulled in next to us, and they all got out of the car and danced to 'rap music' before leaving without getting gas or anything. wat

    after getting beerz, we heard wavves in the distance, and followed it to the source. watched them from the other side of a fence, rly kewll!

    ali et al went to see a different show but i stayed there to see No Age. ended up seeing alex thru the fence, so i had a nice boy with big glasses give me a boost over the fence, and i went and stood by alex and had one final goodbye to them all. i hugged lauren while she was smoking a cigarette and i think it burned her, which was approprite b/c it burned like the fire of our frienship

    i also beat dan in a wrestlin match this day

    relaxed, drank beerz w/ old ppl while watching a cowboy band in a yard.

    watched "chopped" w ali's mom

    das all!

    Fev 10 2009, 6h20

    Fri 6 Feb – The Mae Shi, Yea Big + Kid Static, Post Honeymoon

    Does anyone have pictures from this show? I need photographic evidence of what I experienced. Absolutely unreal.
  • Feelings After the Dan Deacon Show

    Jan 30 2008, 22h59

    Mon 28 Jan – Dan Deacon, Fatty Boom Boom, Ultimate Reality

    Written at 2:30 AM, after the show:

    1) Pain! Head is sore, back is sore, ears buzzing. My ear plugs actually got knocked out, how cool is that? I kind of wish that it was more dancing, less pushing, but it was OK.

    2) Awe! At that second act! That was the most amazing mix of THINGS I have ever seen: a technicolor montage of Arnold Schwarzenegger scenes, 2 drummers with animal masks on, phat synth underneath. Heavens!

    3) Confusion/Pity! Who the hell was that first guy on stage? What was he doing? Is it really that easy to get on a big show like Dan Deacon? That was maybe the most uncomfortable I've felt at a show!

    4) Optimism! This show reinforced my belief that despite all these bad things happening in the world, everything will be OK! In "Silence Like the Wind Overtakes Me," in one of the heavy parts, I was super close to D.D, so it was especially hectic, and the guy next to me kept getting pushed into me, and instead of just ignoring it like at a normal show, I put my arm around him (not in a sassy way), and he put his arm around me, and we both rasied our other arms in the air, not looking at each other, not needing to, just living the moment perfectly and happily!
  • His Hideous Heart Reunion Show!!!

    Dez 30 2007, 17h33

    Sat 29 Dec – His Hideous Heart

    This was His Hideous Heart's reunion show!

    In August 2007, four sixths of His Hideous Heart went to college, so the band had to stop playing until winter break. While the four who went to college could enjoy doing fun college things, and Jeff has a girlfriend and hobbies, I experienced a very sad time in my life, during which I played a lot of Super Smash Bros. Melee. My friend Cory and I even went to a tournament and competed as a team. I was Dr. Mario and he was Sheik! I also spent a lot of time on this website, memorizing the order of my Top Artists.

    Although fun, I went to bed every night feeling that I had accomplished very little. So this show was a wonderful catharsis!

    Thanks to all the time I spent on, I came across Annabel, a band from Kent, and they ended up opening for us! They kick butt! They have only three members, but through a combination of looping, a laptop, and brute strength and determination, it sounds like there are at least five or six people playing. Also their last song (Parade Rest, I think?) sort of reminded me of my #1 band (207 listens) Plastic Mastery (who might fall to #2 next time updates)!! Anyways, they were a great opener, and I hope we can play with them again!

    Then we played! Foremost, we all looked good. We decided to dress up. I was wearing a kelly green sweater with a silver collared shirt underneath. All the babes in the audienced swooned! Awesome!

    Also, for the first time, (except in one song, where Aaron was taking a drink of water) we had like white noise in between our songs, so there wasn't an uncomfortable silence. Aaron bought a bunch of effects (all analog!) so he used a delay to make soothing repetitive notes play, and also through some means he made noises that sounded like a spaceship or I think like right before Jeff Mangum goes "Up and o-ver" in King of Carrot Flowers Part 2 and 3.

    I think we played considerably well, too. I think it was my personal best performance, and there were no huge errors on anyone's part.

    Even though the show went well, I can't help feeling sad, because we're probably not going to have another show until the summer. Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes out in February, but as awesome as it will be, it is still no comparison to playing in a band. Maybe Jeff and I will finally do our side project with just cello and drums. I just don't know!

    PS: We have a real professional CD coming out probably in February. So keep your eyes peeled!
  • The Best Concert Ever!

    Nov 2 2007, 20h00

    Thu 1 Nov – Jens Lekman
    What an awesome show! Here's why:
    1) I got in for free; I met a nice man outside whose friend did not show up, so he gave me their ticket and refused any money. Awesome!
    2) I got to the Ballroom early- like 7:45- so I talked to this guy before the show started a little bit, and I guess he was a music history major or something? He knew everything about every musician ever. We talked about Shostakovich for like twenty minutes! Awesome!
    3) Jens' stage presence! I felt like he was my friend from out of town.
    4) Oh man, that short-haired violin player. I was standing at the front near her, and we made eye contact at one point and I waved and she smiled. My heart melted.
    5) The willingness of the crowd to sing "bum ba bum ba bum ba bum ba bum ba bum ba bum" and "oh no no no no no"
    6) The DJ's dance moves
    That is all!
  • On not that many people going to small band's shows

    Jun 30 2007, 6h14

    Wed 27 Jun – Minus Story, Old Canes, His Hideous Heart

    Well, I'M IN A BAND. We're called His Hideous Heart! We played our first show three days before 2007 started. Since then, we've played about two shows a month, something like that. We have played with some awesome, awesome bands! It's been really cool! But it's also been really discouraging!

    Here's why: frequently, the bands we open for, no matter how good, have tiny audiences. Jennifer O'Connor, who is awesome, and has POSITIVE PITCHFORK REVIEWS and shit had like a dozen people in her audience; Kevin Devine kinda had a crew, but it was still only like twenty people; Them, Roaringtwenties had just the other bands I think (that show was in Middlefield, Ohio, though); Minus Story, honestly one of my favorite bands, had only sixteen!

    So, it makes me sad. I mean, I think we make some alright tunes. But if we played in another state- another city, even- I know we also would have minicrowds, just like these other bands. I honestly don't know what a band has to do to get people to their shows- it's not even about "making it"- I would say that, you know, being signed to Matador or Capitol or whatever is "making it".

    I think it comes down to fans just taking a more active role in supporting small bands. We brought in maybe thirty or so people to the show- and we are eternally grateful that they came and supported us, don't get me wrong- but like 90% of them left after we finished our set! I don't know. It's hard getting people to come and hear us, let alone to stay and pay attention to people they don't know. And them coming to see us is infinity times more supportive than people who are just like "maybe attending" on our Facebook event listing (woo) and then don't even really ever consider coming.

    I guess the big acts are still getting paid and stuff. So like who cares.

    Meanwhile Hilary Duff sells out more concerts. And Plastic Mastery breaks up.
  • Going to the Fiery Furnaces show alone

    Jun 23 2007, 7h24

    Thu 21 Jun – The Fiery Furnaces, Dios

    Last night I went to a concert alone for the very first time in my life! It was Dios (Malos) (correctly written?) and the Fiery Furnaces.

    The concert was good- I had heard Dios Malos before, but forgot what they were like- they rock live. Their drummer would chug bears between/during songs, and by the end, he was spitting or drooling some weird thick gak from his mouth onto his drums and everytime he hit the drum it would fly up like a fountain. It was disgusting but awesome to see.

    Fiery Furnaces were also good because they were the Fiery Furnaces.

    My main problem with the concert, though, and it wasn't a large one, was the fact that I was alone. I wanted to have fun- which includes being able to get into the music, and in between not just staring straight ahead with folded arms- without seeming some creepy kid who went to a concert alone. No one went with me because all of my friends are too dumb to appreciate the Fiery Furnaces. So I knew that at the show, I was surrounded by people who were good enough for me- afterall, I still like my friends, even though they sometimes lack the sense to listen to certain great bands.

    However, was I good enough for the crowd? I'm only seventeen- I got the impression that it was an older crowd. Thinking about it, though, I don't know if it was. A guy whom I talked to waiting in line (he was in a band from Columbus called Our Cat Philip) looked older than me- he had stubble and stuff- was really 18, only a year older than me. And I saw a lot of people with "u"'s written on their hands. I think I just have this weird impression that I'm younger than I am, because just prior to the present I was younger.

    It wasn't an awkward event for me- I did definitely have fun, and it was definitely worth my time and money- and I found a few people to talk to- a couple of strangers, and John (?) the bouncer. And by no means did anyone treat me condescendingly. I think I just assumed that they would for some reason. Maybe if I had tried to talk to other people they would have. I'm just not sure how friendly people at a pretentious indie band's show are. But I guess I am just one of them? I don't know!

    What I do know though is that I picked up a pretty fucking sweet FF shirt with Homer Simpson and Shrek on it. 3 points.