You're a Cult Sensation


Fev 4 2007, 19h26

This is my journal. And in the words of some wise, yet badass unknown, I'm gonna use it however the hell I like. "Oooh" they say, with dislike in their eyes, "look at that new kid talking."

I have not been to any interesting concerts lately, so I will not bore anyone who might (but probably not) be reading this by talking about small local bands getting drunk with the small local population. Oh no. I haven't really been bothered to discover any new artists either.
There go last.fms journal suggestions down the drain.

However, maybe I will just talk about some I already like.These are who I have been listening to lately. Even though it would be easier to just look at my profile. Lists are fun:

Mew I like mew. Yup. Silky.
The Blood Brothers Scream and sing. Scream and sing.
Radiohead I hate how radiohead have become "typical" in groups here. They're still really good. I hope the new album doesn't suck.
American Analog Set Could someone please tell me if the "the" is meant to be there. American Analog Set? The American Analog Set? I'm not just gonna take last.fms word for it. I'm 2 years late to this site, and distrustful.

Well, that got boring quickly.

I expect no one will read this yet. But you will. I intend to storm the forums and groups soon enough.

I will be a cult sensation.

(I love irony.)


  • ILikeFucking

    i read it

    Fev 4 2007, 19h37
  • ironypills

    my plan is working!

    Fev 4 2007, 19h40
  • ironypills

    yes. I do mean my plan of getting 2 people to read this.

    Fev 4 2007, 19h43
  • kitefish

    I read it too. I think you've got to work a bit to get to cult status, but 3 whole people reading this is an admirable start...

    Fev 4 2007, 21h22
  • ironypills

    Haha, the cult thing is a joke. The thought of me reaching cult status is ridiculous. 4 people have read it actually! I just deleted the other chicks comment because it made me sad.

    Fev 4 2007, 22h13
  • w1bble

    5 then. Cheer up, missus.

    Fev 4 2007, 23h26
  • Rhubarb156

    Haha this journal made me laugh. I also love Mew! hence the 156 in my name. They are awesome live too : D

    Fev 4 2007, 23h31
  • HollyConcrete

    I read it. Have a listen to Kashmir, you may like... Whats the weather like at home?

    Fev 5 2007, 1h45
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