The Best of Jewel (Top-20)


Ago 14 2011, 12h15

To make this list I picked my 20 most favourite songs out of the 101 different songs of Jewel that I listened to extensively during the past weeks.

20. Becoming (0304, 2003)
19. Down So Long (Spirit, 1998)
18. Amen (Pieces of You, 1995)
17. Jesus Loves You (This Way, 2001)
16. I'm Sensitive (Pieces of You, 1995)

15. Grey Matter (Live) (This Way, 2001)
14. Yes U Can (0304, 2003)
13. Break Me (This Way, 2001)
12. Stand (0304, 2003)
11. Pieces of You (Pieces of You, 1995)

10. Life Uncommon (Spirit, 1998)
09. Drive To You (Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, 2006)
08. Goodbye Alice In Wonderland (Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, 2006)
07. Intuition (0304, 2003)
06. Little Sister (Pieces of You, 1995)

05. Deep Water (Spirit, 1998)
04. I Won't Walk Away (This Way, 2001)
03. Absence of Fear / This Little Bird (Spirit, 1998)
02. Foolish Games / Foolish Games (edit) (Pieces of You, 1995)
01. Hands (Spirit, 1998)

1. Spirit - 67 pts
2. Pieces of You - 52 pts
3. This Way - 35 pts
4. 0304 - 31 pts
5. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland - 25 pts

6. Perfectly Clear & Sweet And Wild - 0 pts
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  • MustBeDreaming1

    if you don't mind, i counted album points with the system i use in my journal.. are you interested in results? :D

    Ago 14 2011, 18h31
  • irisvanhoorn

    No I don't mind and I am interested of course! I was already wondering how you were counting those points!

    Ago 14 2011, 19h39
  • MustBeDreaming1

    :-) Pieces Of You gets 53 points. Spirit is the leader with 67 points. This Way and 0304 get 35 and 31 points resptecively. And the loser is Goodbye Alice In Wonderland witn 25 points. Oh, i'm mistaken! The losers are Perfectly Clear and the latest album (i can't remember the name and i'm too lazy to wikisearch :-) ), they have no points at all :-) and the system is simple: the last place gets 1 point, the second to last gets 2, and so on. eventually the first place gets number of points equal to the total length of the top list... and the points of songs from the certain album are summed ;-) i don't think this principle is really objective, but i couldn't create a better idea...

    Ago 14 2011, 20h38
  • irisvanhoorn

    Ah, simple but effective, thanks!!! I will calculate it for my lists of Alanis and Tori as well. Let's see if it will be the same as my album rankings (the ones I based on feeling :-)). For the Jewel list it is consistent with the way I think about the albums although Spirit and Pieces of You are almost equal to me. And from then on it went down :-( all the way to 'Sweet and Wild' which is the latest album and it kind of sucks... I still have to write the review... Thanks a lot for the effort!!! :-D

    Ago 14 2011, 20h48
  • MustBeDreaming1

    my calculation doesn't always the same with my feelings, the nearest example is Alanis: you know, i always said that SFIJ>URS>JLP for me, but the result of calculation is JLP>SFIJ>URS (plus i somehow forgot about You Learn with which i'm in love o_0 i'm lazy to fix it). just JLP has lots of great songs, but SFIJ i love more generally, not like a collection of separated tracks... yes, i realized that the result was predictable, basing on your reviews ;-) btw, already want to read the one about Sweet and Wild, haha :D not at all :-)

    Ago 14 2011, 21h03
  • irisvanhoorn

    haha, I don't even want to write it... it will become a short one I think. :-) I feel exactly the same about JLP and SFIJ by the way. I added the points to the top-lists and SFIJ ended up somewhere at the bottom, while I consider it her best album. It's just as you say: JLP has so many great songs.

    Ago 17 2011, 14h06
  • MustBeDreaming1

    haha :D Title: Album Review: Jewel - Sweet and Wild (2011) Entry: It sucks. The end. wow, that's a great idea to include live and compilation albums in the list! i'm curious to count those things for my tops, will make it someday :-)

    Ago 17 2011, 14h19
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