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Mai 24 2011, 20h21

I saw some other people here do it, so I would also like to make a ranking list of all studio albums of Tori Amos.

I thought it was pretty difficult to rank her albums, because I like them all (except for Strange Little Girls). Some of her songs (and albums) I loved right from the start, while others first had to grow on me. And for some songs I lost a bit of interest along the way, maybe I listened to them a little bit too much. Anyway, here is my current list (I start with the best one on top, because I like that better):

1. From the Choirgirl Hotel (1998)

This is definitely her best album ever! It is a very personal and dark album, dealing with subjects like her miscarriage(s), her marriage and some stuff coming from her nightmares. A lot of very beautiful, touching songs and very good use of electronics.
Best tracks: Spark, Cruel, Black-Dove (January), Raspberry Swirl, Jackie's Strength, i i e e e, Playboy Mommy

2. Little Earthquakes (1992)

Her very strong debut album, and very close to the number one. Also a very personal and emotional album, dealing with heavy subjects like rape and guilt. This album has the best composition and really forms a whole, without any fillers in my opinion.
Best tracks: Crucify, Silent All These Years, Precious Things, Winter, Happy Phantom, China, Leather, Me and a Gun

3. Under the Pink (1994)

Her second album which is more piano-based than the previous one and has a lot of dynamics. It contains some very beautiful songs about different subjects like religion and the difficulties in relationships between women.
Best tracks: Pretty Good Year, God, Bells for Her, Past the Mission, Baker Baker, Cornflake Girl, Cloud On My Tongue, Yes, Anastasia

4. The Beekeeper (2005)

Although a lot of people consider this one of her worst albums, I totally disagree. I really like it. Because of her 4 year old daughter she didn't want it to be scary, because "there are already to many scary rock moms". It has a more soft and warm atmosphere and it deals with subjects like spirituality, life & death, sexuality and religion in a very beautiful way.
Best Tracks: Parasol, Sleeps With Butterflies, Original Sinsuality, The Beekeeper, Hoochie Woman, Marys of the Sea

5. Abnormally Attracted To Sin (2009)

Another album which was badly received among the fans I understood. I also like this album a lot, although I don't like all of the songs. I really like the lyrics about religion and the kind of facade it can be when it is only something superficial.
Best tracks: Give, Welcome to England, Flavor, Maybe California, Ophelia

6. To Venus and Back (1999)

This is her most electronic album. It took me a while before I began to like it, but now I really do. Except for some songs about her "garden-obsession", most songs are about experiences and feelings in certain situations.
Best tracks: Bliss, Concertina, Glory of the 80's, 1000 Oceans

7. Boys for Pele (1996)

Her most artistic album, on which she shows a lot of anger and rage after splitting up with her boyfriend. I like it that she uses the Harpsichord. However, a lot of songs are just too cryptic and abstract for me. I really appreciate the originality, but it doesn't touch me in the way some of her other albums do.
Best tracks: Blood Roses, Father Lucifer, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Muhammad My Friend, Hey Jupiter

8. Scarlet's Walk (2002)

An unpopular opinion, as I saw a lot of people with this album higher up in the list. It is an album with a light and warm atmosphere, but it is also pretty nationalistic. I really love a few of the songs, but overall a lot of the songs sound somewhat the same in my opinion.
Best tracks: A Sorta Fairytale, Crazy, I Can't See New York, Gold Dust

9. American Doll Posse (2007)

This is more a rock album than her other albums. It describes five different parts of Tori's artistic personality. It is also her most political oriented album up to now and her least personal I think. I don't think it is a bad album, actually I listened to it a lot. But none of the songs really grab me like some of the songs on her other albums.
Best tracks: Big Wheel, Bouncing off Clouds, Programmable Soda, Beauty of Speed

10. Strange Little Girls (2001)

As already mentioned this is her worst album in my opinion. It consists of songs of male artists, covered from a woman point of view. I like the concept and the way she had herself photographed. However the songs are not that good in my opinion. I miss some power, some dynamics. None of the songs really touch me.
Best track: Real Men

I don't have the album Midwinter Graces, because I don't like seasonal albums in general. So I leave it with this list of ten albums.
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  • Yetaxa

    Nice list. Surprised to see BFP and SW so low, and TBK so high :D Always great to see some beekeeper love, and AATS!!!

    Mai 25 2011, 9h48
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