• Radiohead 5/31/12 at Prudential Center | Newark, NJ

    Jun 1 2012, 20h32

    Thu 31 May – Radiohead, Caribou
    Such an amazing concert. We got in via GA and were literally 10-20 feet from Thom & Jonny the whole night. They had an incredible set list with the lights/lcd screens, all of it. I am blown away by seeing them, my fav band! My fav played: Daily Mail, There There, Weird Fishes. Wished they had played: Fog, Amazing Sounds of Orgy, 2+2=5, etc
  • Adele, ups & downs.

    Set 19 2011, 4h59

    I really like Adele. She has a strong, stunning. soulful voice. I think, however, sometimes her songs are ruined by the chorus. She is very strong on verse (and occasionally bridges) but on some tracks, my only complaint is that it goes to shite in the chorus. I will even give her some credit for some pre-choruses, but full chorus suffers.
    Exhibit: Don't You Remember, He Won't Go, etc
    Exception: Rolling in the Deep, Rumor has it, Turning Tables, etc