• Top Albums 2011

    Fev 24 2012, 5h50

    1. SBTRKT - SBTRKT (218) (Young Turks)

    2. Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise (178) (Circus Company)

    3. Robag Wruhme - Thora Vukk (128) (Pampa)

    4. Machinedrum - Room(s) (121) (Planet Mu)

    5. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine (120) (Domino)

    6. Art Department - The Drawing Board (110) (Crosstown Rebels)

    7. Panda Bear - Tomboy (98) (Paw Tracks)

    8. Shlohmo - Bad Vibes (79) (Friends Of Friends)

    9. Digitalism - I Love You Dude (74) (V2 Music France)

    10. Joel Mull - Sensory (68) (True)

    11. Instra:mental - Resolution 653 (66) (Nonplus)

    12. King Creosote - Thrawn (65) (Domino)

    13. Deniz Kurtel - Music Watching Over Me (65) (Crosstown Rebels)

    14. Tropics - Parodia Flare (64) (Planet Mu)

    15. Apparat - The Devil’s Walk (63) (Mute)

    16. Tycho - Dive (60) (Ghostly International)

    17. Steffi - Yours & Mine (55) (Ostgut Ton)

    18. Planningtorock - W (53) (DFA)

    19. Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind of Fix (52) (Island Records)

    20. Matthewdavid - Outmind (51) (Brainfeeder)
  • RA Podcast: RA.265 Convextion

    Out 17 2011, 7h14

    RA catches up on low frequencies as Convextion/E.R.P. submerges into deeper structures of electronic music on this week’s exclusive guest mix. Though Gerard Hanson has remained an obscure person over the course of his career and hasn’t put out much of the material, he has still gained profound respect and popularity amongst critics and music fans alike. Keeping focus on the deeper spectrum of music palette, Hanson’s roots as Convextion go into shaped and moulded soundscape of dub techno and as E.R.P. he forges quirky electro tinged sounds. Thus, on this live mix Hanson’s production prowess comes into full effect. Executed with utmost talent the mix circulates in incredibly detailed vibrating rhythms augmented by sophisticated sense of electronic flavor past, present and future. And that’s what makes it sound out of time, totally detached, a solid manifestation of eternal music fundamentals.Suffused with visionary panoramas of abstract realms, simultaneously resonating with sentient melodies and flawlessly sequenced, Convextion suggests to explore the infrastructure and qualia that’s hidden below the surface of electronic music.
  • RA Podcast: RA.249 Discodeine

    Set 24 2011, 20h54

    RA goes outside the box as hectic French duo Discodeine are bringing an exceptional mix for pure home listening. Though the teamwork of Pilooski and Pentile made their name by producing impeccable club tracks, they’re not following the “let’s play it safe deep house mix” cliche, instead, the go off-road crafting a selection in a deliciously lo-fi manner. Thusly, having put it on an entirely different level, they eagerly take you on an imaginary excursion with a definite narrative touch. The thing is, that no actual mixing is involved, on the contrary the tracks act more like separate chapters of one fabulous story depicting its various parts. It gets even more alluring as the whole thing does sound coherent and distinct contemplating the most versatile coloring of the music universe with proper disco-ball parts and more subtle sounds. Nevertheless, the mix turns out to be danceable by happenstance, rather than by design and as the time deepens and sharpens its antagonistic parts, the many moods of the story behind the mix get superimposed mashing everything up into one kaleidoscopic hodgepodge.
  • RA Podcast: RA.246 Caribou

    Set 16 2011, 8h24

    The man behind 2010's top rated indietronic album puts a rare DJ set on this RA podcast. Being solely known as a composer for the larger part his career, Caribou got firstly exposed to the world of electronic music by ever quirky James Holden. Not long after Dan Snaith got deeper into his exercises with electronic dance music releasing "Swim" to a critical acclaim. DJwise Snaith's RA effort is none of a truism, but gently crafted with tenderness and great intrinsic value. Nevertheless, Snaith keeps true to his roots sampling heavily on live instruments and idiosyncratic melodies melding it all at once into one delicious synesthesia. Caribou's stuff tends to grow on you revealing more arcane deeper parts and glowing with sincerity ever since. Adorned with the productions of Snaith's side project, Daphni, the mix enthralls by its creativity and intelligent design sharing its bright soul and passion.
  • RA Podcast: RA.228 Ivan Smagghe

    Set 13 2011, 13h30

    Ivan Smagghe, French first and foremost electro man, unleashes a wild concoction of his trademark extravaganza. Smagghe has gained much of the popularity by his distinctive approach to mixing and track selection, unorthodox and daring with lots of unexpected detours. His prolific back catalog spans on numerous mix CD’s with the contributions to the likes of Bugged Out, Fabric and quite recently Live At Robert Johnson. As a matter of fact, his ravish RA effort comes of no surprise. As anticipated, Smagghe is as full of ingenuity as ever mixing together old and new, strange dark disco and more rockish stuff with lots of weird electro in between. Smagghe’s mixes never cease to be thoroughly engaging, perfectly executed with totally irresistible groove. And the thing is not about precision, but Smagghe’s uncompromised and overwhelming self-confidence. It’s his luminous charisma that turns this idiosyncratic mixture of tunes into an indubitable delight.
  • RA.240 Mathew Jonson

    Set 8 2011, 5h52

    Undoubtedly, Mathew Jonson needs no introduction, as there’s hardly a living soul that could have missed his majestic take on techno. And if there are any, you probably haven’t heard techno yet. As a matter of fact, Jonson’s imminent effort is a long awaited contribution to the RA mix series. The Canadian man proved to be super productive over the years as a musician and producer as well as a label head with this live mix showcasing his mesmerizing deep and hypnotic brand of techno. With Labyrinth festival held in mountains and being one of the most spectacular electronic events in Japan, Mathew Jonson takes the full advantage of the gear to a devastating effect. As maestro is seamlessly maneuvering among his prolific production catalog, you’ll likely to spot a couple of familiar Jonson’s tunes, though many of them are expertly rearranged beyond recognition, while the larger part of the live PA is new and unreleased material. And that’s what makes Jonson’s immaculate live improvs unique experience and a definite “must see” in a lifetime, whether he’s performing solo or teamed up with Tyger Dhyla and Danuel Tate as Cobblestone Jazz band. Hats off, Mr. Jonson, this is sublime!
  • RA Podcast: RA.261 LV

    Set 2 2011, 10h45

    RA drops another dubstep podcast as LV trio showcase the finest from UK bass. RA never fails to keep the mix series as fresh and innovative as ever pushing the envelope by covering the rich diversity and variety of London bass music. Surely the mix isn’t the one that particularly stands out but it does have a definite deep’n’dubby and acid feel to it turning this “multifarious vibe” into a trip to behold. LV demonstrate their eloquent skill of colorful mixing as they capture you at low-key wavelengths and the progression of the mix is as unobtrusive as vivacious rhythmically UK bass may possibly be.
  • RA Podcast: RA.259 Skream

    Set 1 2011, 7h01

    Get ready for a rush of youth energy, as the dubstep icon Skream steps up for the next RA podcast. Prepare for an hour of jumpy and crunchy wobble as this is where dubstep meets pop. Despite the juvenile flow and lots of female vocalists, who back the tracks for pop hits, Skream keeps the pace and captivates the imagination with artistic integrity, as the deep moments in the mix are amazing. RA proves to keep the mix series diverse reflecting the wider spectrum of electronic music. It’s a nice chance to get acquainted with that wobble trend in dubstep and all the hype that’s been around it for quite a while. Unless you have tightly defined taste boundaries it’s a fine opportunity to broaden your musical horizons with UK bass extravaganza.
  • RA Podcast: RA.266 Planningtorock

    Set 1 2011, 6h50

    Another extraordinary installment in RA podcast series carefully crafted by Planningtorock delivers a lush medley of all things electronic. The mix takes the eager listener through Planningtorock’s own “slow motion rock” productions showcasing her brand new album, melancholic piano+violin arrangements, experimental touch of Oni Ayhun, the deep mark of the beloved Art Department duo, 24 year old new wave classic of The Fall back from 1987 and even the ambient soundscapes of James Leyland Kirby. The visual identity of Janine Rostron, who's behind the Plannigtorock act, even multiplies the overall eclectic feel of the mix.
  • RA Podcast: RA.165 Drums Of Death

    Set 1 2011, 6h45

    You'd better not try to define Drums Of Death stylistically, cause you're sure to be confused, as it appears to be one of the few misleading acts in terms of stage name and zombie outfit. Indeed, Drums Of Death's moniker would rather fit the master of the art of noise. Nonetheless, Colin Bailey, who's actually responsible for all the misconfusion here, stays true to the form, showcasing unorthodox mixing and track selection skills. It's all about "love songs and rave horns" as he neatly scribes it. Drums Of Death's passionate and somewhat rambunctious approach manages to encapsulate mellow indietronic songs and like-minded electro-tinged tunes as well as full-bodied techno with the likes of Audion and Matthew Jonson and lots of daring improvisation and vocal excerpts.